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Girl singer,rapper, dancer
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Chicago
Hey wats sup my name is brittany i am 14 years old and i am a rapper looking for 1 or 2 more girls to be n the group its already two of us and we want a daner, singer, or rapper wen u send the email send us your name, age, why you should be n the group, your talent, also try to send a video of what ever you can do to thanks

Casting Location: Chicago
Contact email:

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  1. epiphany garner

    Hi my name is epiphany and I am 24 with five kids that I take care of my own . I am a singer, music is my life after my kids. I love to sing and I don’t want me having kids stop me from doing what I want most. I want my kids to be the reason I make my dreams come ture they need me as a mother and father and I want to show them I can.

  2. simbi

    I’m simbi and I would love to be in your group. I can rap and sing really well and I think it would be alot of fun. I look up to Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato.

  3. Kelly

    Hey, I’m Kelly!
    I love singing and acting!
    I was in the school musical “Grease” and I was also in the chorus.
    I look up to Mandy Moore & Shane West and I would love to be given auditions!

  4. Amanda

    Hey I love to sing and would like to be in the group . My name is Amanda

  5. Royalty

    Hey! This is Royalty form the Barbie Dollz we are a singing/ dancing group. We act if we have to! We are up for this challenge, Email us at this email address for further questions

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