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Casting notice posted on, casting location: San Jose

NOW CASTING: Professional AEA and Non-AEA singer/actors for upcoming musical theatre production at The The Retro Dome

Producers now casting professional adult performers for the world premier musical, “Thanks For Playing: The Game Show Show!” at The Retro Dome in San Jose, CA.

“Thanks For Playing: The Game Show Show!” is an original new musical from the creators of “The MeshugaNutcracker!” and the producing team at the helm of The Retro Dome in San Jose, CA. Night after night in the 1950s and ‘60s, network game shows kept Americans glued to their sets waiting to see who would become the next BIG WINNER! With original music that borrows from a bygone era, a witty (scandal-filled) script, audience participation, unpredictable contestants, and fabulous prizes, “Thanks For Playing!” will bring the game show world to life and celebrate America’s love affair with TV game shows.

Producers are accepting submissions from strong, accomplished, professional AEA and Non-AEA singers/actors who dance or move well with great comedic timing for this 9-person adult ensemble cast.

Bill Todson. Leading male, age 40-50. Tenor
A “Lou Grant/Burt Parks” type, Bill is the host of quiz show. Sings lead in a number of solos and carries the show with his dominating presence. Should be dark and handsome; move well.

Billie Marks. Leading female, age 35-45. Mezzo-soprano
A “Mary Tyler Moore/Liz Lemon” type, Billie knows her stuff and is eager to be a leader in the business, but knows it’s a male dominated industry. Sings lead in a number of solos and shares the heavy lifting with Bill. Should be attractive, petite, a true comedienne; dances.

Tripp MacMurray. Leading male, age 35-55. Tenor or Baritone
A “Ted Baxter/Rose Nylund” type, Tripp is perfect for television, as long as he has a script. Is prone to foot-in-mouth moments and clumsiness off-the-air. Nonetheless, he’s handsome, has a classic look and a memorable voice; moves well.

Helen Hart. Leading female, age 25-40. Soprano.
A “Vanna White/Mary Kay Cosmetics” type, Helen is the lovely model/host’s assistant that keeps the scores updated…and maintains a running tally with Bill. She is fit, attractive, a legit vocalist who moves well and knows how to use her body.

Charlie Nelson. Supporting lead male, age 30-45. Baritone or Bass.
A “Charles Nelson Riley/Buddy Sorel” type, Charlie is the buddy, the pal. He’s quick to offer a one-liner or an impersonation of a celebrity of the day. He’s confident, silly, loud, any body type; moves well, but dancing and other special skills a plus.

Betty Summers. Supporting lead female, age 30-45. Soprano or Mezzo.
A “Rosemarie/Kathie Lee” type, Betty is the song stylist for the game show…the “Name That Tune” girl, singing all of the clues for the quiz show. She’s Charlie’s better half, always adding to the comedy with a well-placed jab at the dimwitted Tripp. She’s confident, silly, loud, any body type; moves well, but dancing and other special skills a plus.

Ensemble male dancer/singer/actor, age 25-35. Tenor or Baritone.
Plays Johnny, the Sponsor’s Son; the telegram deliveryman; the cue card guy; other integral roles. Must dance; sings in the ensemble numbers.

Ensemble female dancer/singer/actor, age 25-35. Mezzo or Soprano.
Plays Louise, the Make-up girl; representative from Network’s Standards & Practice Department; other integral roles. Must dance; sings in the ensemble numbers.

By appointment in San Jose, CA at The Retro Dome 1694 Saratoga Avenue. Must submit headshot/resume/cover letter in consideration for audition appointment. Appointments will be set throughout January and early February, 2012.

In San Jose and Campbell, CA beginning mid- to late-February, 4-5 four-hour blocks per week, including some weekends.

Projected opening April 20
Fridays 8pm and Saturdays 8pm
Sundays 2pm

Scott, Shannon and Stephen Guggenheim of Guggenheim Entertainment, Inc. for The Retro Dome, San Jose, CA.
(408) 404-7711

Submit headshot and resume to

Casting Location: San Jose
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