Tattoo show

Do you have the worst tattoo… EVER?

Are you guilty of making a really bad decision when it came to your permanent body art?

Are you looking to get the monstrosity covered up for good? Now seeking people with really bad tattoos that they really want to have fixed.

Do you have a tattoo that you can’t stand to look at everyday?
Does your tattoo constantly remind you of a mistake you wish you hadn’t made?
Is your tattoo so hilarious that everyone who sees it wants to hear the great story behind it?

Casting a new show that will honor the questionable decisions you’ve made when getting inked. Several applicants will even be chosen to get a cover up done by some of the most well known tattoo artists in the industry.

To apply, please email your name, location, phone number and the story behind your bad tattoo. Please include a photo of yourself and a photo of your tattoo.

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  1. Samantha

    Hi I’m from New York and I have about 20 out of my 26 tattoos that I want to fix! I first got some tattoos and then started dating an artist, thinking it will be a good idea he did most of my tattoos now I look like a walking horror always with long sleeve shirts and pants! It’s really uncomfortable and an willing to do pretty much do anything to fix them up to my original desire. PLEASE get back to me thanx!

  2. Marlena neely

    I’m in Portland OR. I’m 24, I had a meth addiction for awhile. I have ten months clean but I have these horrible tattoos on both forearms that go from wrist to elbow right one says “trust no n***a” left one says “fear no b***h” looks like a 5 yr old drew on me with a black sharpie please help cover these ugly tattoos!

  3. Gregg Daugherty

    I have several bad tattoos. Please let me know where I should e-mail the photos, etc. to be considered for your show.

    Thank you.

  4. nancy williams

    Help me get rid of a tacky tweety bird tattoo on my hip. It is so ugly and half done. I wont even wear a swim suit cause of this just want it gone and would be willing to let you decide what you put on me, help me.

  5. Jeffery Richards

    I have the worst tattoo ever on my upper back/shoulder area. They were suppose to be angels!!! A good angel and a mischief angel. They turned out looking like lil Wayne…. Please Help me cover this MISTAKE UP!!!!!

  6. Ron Giraldo

    I would like some advise on a tattoo I want to cover up

  7. Rosi Garcia

    I created a drawing to symbolize my boyfriend and myself. A local tattoo artist tattooed it on me but the names don’t show and the lines are really squiggle. It was supposed to be shaded but t turned out to be colored dark instead. it is a pretty good size between my shoulder blades. I want it redone but to look the way it should. It has hearts, ribbons, roses (small and large), leaves, the names should read Felix, Rosi and Forever.

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