Unbreakable – Reality TV Adventure Race Competition


Are you Unbreakable? Can you handle the toughest obstacle course around? If so, here’s your chance to prove you can by competing in a new reality TV show that will challenge you physically and mentally.

Casting people from all walks of life! Housewives to Marines, who are in great physical shape and can take on the ultimate challenge.

The producers of “The Ultimate Fighter” and “Dirty Jobs” are seeking tough-minded, physically fit men and women to take on the ultimate adventure race for a brand new show on a major cable network.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Spartan Death Race (http://www.youmaydie.com/). “UNBREAKABLE” is a new TV series inspired by that notoriously brutal race that will give a select group of competitors the chance to take on even bigger and wilder physical and mental challenges.

It will be you, a backpack and a ticking clock! — Three days to conquer an outdoor obstacle course packed with barriers to climb at night, trenches to swim during the day and brain-teasing puzzles striking when you least expect them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced or first-time racer. We’re looking for students, businessmen, firefighters, waiters, teachers, marines, housewives, or anyone with the determination to take on big challenges that test the limits of mind, body and will.

This is NOT your average competition show! Your only prize is the exhilaration of the race and the opportunity to show America that you are the toughest adventure racer in the country.

If you win, you will have earned the right to be called “UNBREAKABLE.”

To apply, please email your name, location, phone number, a recent photo of yourself and a brief explanation of why you can take on the “UNBREAKABLE” challenge to UnbreakableCasting@gmail.com

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