Casting Call for The Next MTV Superstar?


Try out to be the Next MTV Star? Casting directors want to know!

Do you think you are MTV? The casting directors for MTV are looking for people who belong on MTV and have categories they are casting for. The categories include “Featuring You” which is for people whose creative life deserves to be made into a movie. Duos and friends that have an amazing and obviously very entertaining dynamic that the world would want to tune in to. There is a copycat category for people who look and act just like somebody else as well as a pop culture grannies category and a “I Want My MTV” one.

If you fit any of the below descriptions and think its time for you to be famous… check it out.

try out for MTV

Featuring You:
Is your life a movie? Calling all creative minds! MTV is seeking out its most creative and artistic fans. Do you believe your life should be a movie? If so, we want you to show us your trailer!

Amazing Duos:
Do you have that one person who you are completely yourself around? That whenever you’re together, something crazy or out-of-the-box always seems to happen? Is your relationship with them so unique and amusing that the world should know about it? MTV is seeking out its next dynamic duo.

Pop Culture Grannies:
Ever find yourself laughing at the ridiculous knowledge your grandparents have regarding everyday pop culture? Does everyone think your grandparents are cooler than you? Are you always hysterical over the hilarious things coming out of your grandparents’ mouths? Are they super outdated or incredibly updated? If so, MTV wants to see and hear from you…AND YOUR GRANDPARENTS!

I Want My MTV:
Are you MTV? MTV wants you to tell us what makes you “MTV”! What does MTV mean to you? How does the network influence your life? What does an MTV attitude and style look like? Be creative and be sure to make it clear why this is YOUR network!

This one is obvious… Do you look like somebody famous?

Here is the submission information to try out for an MTV show:

We are looking for the next MTV star and that could be you!!! Are you an amazing host? Perhaps you do an amazing celebrity impersonation? Or maybe you are part of a dynamic duo? If you are creative and energetic, then we want to hear from you!

You will need to upload a video here:

You can choose a category and upload a video-NO MORE THAN 2 MINUTES!!!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
Please also email us your name, phone number, and why we should pick you. Don’t forget a recent photo and send to We look forward to your submission!

4 thoughts on “Casting Call for The Next MTV Superstar?

  1. Jeremy

    im doowwnnn ! young wild and free live with no regrets !!

  2. Rachel Rivera

    I am very interested in acting, it has been a dream of mine for a while. The first audition I went to was about 3 or 4 years ago and I was very young at the time about 8 or 9 and I got called for top 20 but sadly didn’t get called back again after that. I didn’t take that as a negative, ever since then I just worked harder at it. I used to put on little shows for my parents and sometimes I just make a random script and I’ll act it out being all the characters and to this day I reenact movies and shows. I have these day dreams in my head almost everyday about things such as auditioning for small parts and soon becoming big and it is kinda getting tiring all in my head so I decided to take action and for the last couple months all I have been doing is searching up South Florida for young female auditions. I am a very dramatic person and I have always been good performing in front of people I was in dance for about 4 years and did small recitals and I was in MMA or Mixed Martial Arts for 3 years and to get a belt you were required to perform all your curriculum in front of yours and the other students parents and then for Black Belt we went to a big auditorium and performed all the curriculum you learned from White Belt till then in front of your whole family and all the other kids families so about 100-200 people. I have a strong passion for brings characters that I make up or characters that already exist into my own way I enjoy acting and it is a dream I plan to make a reality very soon . And the fact that I spent 30 minutes writing this thing instead of doing my homework shows that. If you have any auditions for a young female role in South Florida please consider me Rachel Rivera (12 years old) for it. Thank you
    Contact me at this email address or call 🙂

    Height – 5’0
    Hair – Light Brown, straight long
    Eyes – Dark Brown
    Gender – Female

    Please consider me to undertake a role in this production.

  3. Giselle Auguiste

    I can sing, act, and model! I just need my big break.


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