Movie “Sinister 2” – Extras casting information for Chicago, Featured Roles

By | August 4, 2014

Chicago area casting directors are looking for men, kids and teens for a ‘Big’ featured role.

Horror film producers, Blumhouse Productions, are now working on “Sinister 2” in the Chicagoland area. Blumhouse Productions are the folks behind the “Paranormal Activities” franchise.

Sinister 2” will be filming in different areas of Illinois including Chicago. Currently, the film is scheduled to begin filming on August 18th and filming will continue through the month of August in into September. According to IMDB, the film will be directed by Ciaran Foy and written by Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson.

Sinister” originally starred Ethan Hawke, a struggling writer who focuses on crime novels. While renting a house, he stumbles onto some old video tapes that contain some unspeakable crimes. He then begins to feel haunted as well and his family becomes at risk from some unexplained evil force that may be occupying the home as well.

The IMDB page for “Sinister 2” does not yet list a cast or a plot for the film, but since it is a horror flick, probably safe to say that the evil spirit is not completely finished with his mayhem and will most likely go after a new family.

Joan Phillo casting in Chicago is now casting blonde Caucasian males in their 30’s and 40’s for some very featured roles in the project.

casting call for "Sinister 2" in Chicago

“Sinister 2” looking for men to cast in a BIG featured spot. We are ONLY casting CHICAGOLAND LOCALS!

We are looking for CAUCASIAN MEN, 30’s-40’s, with blonde hair/blue eyes, or lighter features to play fathers. We are NOT looking for men in their 20’s.

If you are completely available this week, and between August 18th through the END of September, please submit an email to with the subject BLONDE DAD NEW.

Include your NAME, AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, and PHONE NUMBER. Also include a few RECENT pictures (if they’re not recent, we will be asking for more).

Joan Philo is still looking for more kids and teens for a different featured role:

Still searching for male Caucasian boy/teens ages 8 to 14, and Caucasian girls/teens 11 to 14 years. Especially searching for tall skinny Caucasian boys.

These are for featured roles for our other film. This is for a horror film. If you are interested in submitting please send a current closeup and full length picture of your child/teen ASAP to and put “Sinister Kid/teen” in the subject line. Include your child’s height, weight, age, and phone number.

If you are not familiar with the horror film, check out the trailer for the 2012 film “Sinister“.

2 thoughts on “Movie “Sinister 2” – Extras casting information for Chicago, Featured Roles

  1. sam

    I’m interested for auditioning for the horror movie sinister 2. I live in Montreal Canada.

  2. Hayley Van De Carr

    Hi I’m Hayley Van De Carr, if you are looking for any girls 12-13 to play a role, please contact me. I’m 5’4″. I have Brown eyes and brown golden hair.


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