Auditions for Speaking Roles in TV Pilot Filming in Austin and Los Angeles


Planet 9

Location: Hollywood, CA and Austin ,TX

Type: TV Pilots

Casting Call for TV pilot to be shot in Texas and LA for TV pilot to be shot later on this year.

Meet the HEROES of Planet 9. CAPTAIN NEUTRON, the leader of the group who is a Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers/Captain Kirk type. REPORTER AUNNA FAITH, his Girl Friday. THE PROFESSOR, a crazy mad-scientist and BUDDY, the young “LEAVE IT TO BEAVER” type.

Meet the WRITERS of Planet 9. JOSH BARNES, leader of the group who is a Don Draper / Cult of Bob type. NICK JONES, his wing-man who believes he’s Josh’s #1 (except it’s actually Amy). AMY STEEL, the librarian type who is actually a closet freak always manipulating a situation. BRANDON DOYLE a young innocent man always attracting the bad girls. MARGARET HATTER, an old hippy woman who checked out at Height Ashbury and NICOLE DEMARCO, a young train wreck of a woman who believes she is incapable of doing anything.

Digital Light Productions

Cast needed:

Frank Williams
Male: 40’s to 50’s, head of the studio, business man

Josh Barnes:
Male: 30’s to 40’s, leader of the group, Don Draper / Cult of Bob type

Nick Jones:
Black Male: 30’s to 40’s, wing man / used car salesmen type. likes to party.

Amy Wilco
Female: 20’s to 30’s, control freak

Brandon Doyle
Male: 20’s to 30’s, the good guy, clean-cut

Margaret Hatter
Female, 50’s to 60’s, sweet motherly type.

Nicole Demarco
20’s to 30’s, party girl. A train wreck.

The Evil Queen
Female: 40’s to 50’s, tall, very classy woman.

Dr. Alfred Turner (The Professor)
Male: 40’s to 50’s, MUST BE A METHOD ACTOR. mad scientist

Buddy Wade:
Male: 14 – 16, Leave to Beaver type.

King of the Wicker people.
Male: 30’s to 40’s, Hispanic, a beer drinker.

Princess Veronica
Female: 20’s to 30’s, a princess type.

Henchmen 1-3
Male: Punk Rocker types.

Anna Faith
Female: 20’s 30’s, newspaper reporter, Girl Friday type.

Prince Arus
Male 20’s to 30’s, Robin Hood type.

Please send head shots to

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Hollywood, CA Austin ,TX
Please submit to: by 2016-03-23

This casting notice was posted by: Fred Leicht Digital Light and Sound

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