Actor Auditions in Philadelphia PA, Male Lead Role for Student Film


Male Lead for Short Film

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Type: Student Films

Genre: Dark-Comedy, Character Study
Setting: Modern Day, High rise apartment

Synopsis: “Fortune” is about a man named Ethan, who has such crippling social anxiety that he has become a shut in and has not left his home in a very long time. He works from home and orders take out every night for dinner. As a result of his anxiety, he finds comfort in routine. Yet his routine has become so structured that it is almost Obsessive Compulsive. The story begins when Ethan orders Chinese Food one night. After going through a very specific ritual with the delivery man, Ethan eats his meal and opens his fortune cookie. The fortune reads “Please help, I am being held prisoner inside a Chinese Fortune cookie factory”. At first Ethan is skeptical, but the fortune soon begins to bother him. The story progresses as Ethan continuously orders Chinese food, receiving fortune after fortune, each of them revealing another clue or message in relation to the “prisoner”. Eventually, Ethan ends up conducting a full blown investigation inside his home, using the multiple fortune’s he has received as clues. As the story progresses and Ethan’s main focus becomes saving the prisoner, his anxieties seem to dissipate and his routines fall apart. It is the final Fortune he receives that finally pushes Ethan to leave his apartment.

*This is a non-speaking role. In this way, the actor must be very in control of his body and movements. The way in which he performs certain tasks will be crucial for this role.

*This is also a very repetitive role, so attention to the smallest of details will be crucial as well.

Casting for Ethan: Age 25-35, Male, Obsessive Compulsive and Agoraphobic

Production: The shoot will take 3-4 days, during early-mid January. Food and Transportation Reimbursement will be provided.

If interested in auditioning, please send a resume, a headshot or recent photo, and a reel (if possible) to Since there is no dialogue in the film, you will be given a specific scene from the script ahead of time to perform at auditions.

Payment: Other

Food and Travel Reimbursement, copy/credit

City or Location of call: Philadelphia, PA
Please submit to: by 2017-01-01

This casting notice was posted by: Emily Angelucci

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