Auditions for Disney Junior in Orlando, Kids and Adults

By | June 16, 2016

There will be auditions held in the Orlando, Florida area for an upcoming Disney Junior project.

Florida based Frontrunner Casting will be holding auditions tomorrow in their Orlando office. The auditions are not open, they will be held by appointment only and interested talent must follow the directions below to submit their photos ind contact information to the casting directors in order to be considered for an audition slot.

Casting directors for the Disney Junior project are seeking Hispanic talent to play a family.  Those applying do not need to be a real family and the CDs will be considering individual talent as well. Real families and individual actors may apply for the spot. Specifically, the Disney Junior production is seeking Hispanic talent that has not yet appeared in any Disney show or commercial. They are looking to cast actors to play the parents who need to look like they are in their mid 30s. Also, Frontrunner is seeking a Hispanic 7 year old Hispanic girl and a 5 year old Hispanic boy.

Disney Junior auditions

These are speaking roles and the audition will require actors to read from a script. The roles are paid (see below) and the spot will film in Orlando on the 28th and 29th of this month.

Please note that in person auditions are required. Please only apply if you live in the Orlando area, would be available to come in for an audition and completely fit the specs listed below.


We are having a scheduled casting on Friday 6/17/2016 for Disney in our Orlando office.
Call backs will be on Tuesday 6/21/2016 in our Orlando office.

What we need to see:

People who are NEW & FRESH to DISNEY.
HISP Males & Females (parent types) mid 30s
HISP Girl – looks 7
HISP Boy – looks 5

They do not need to be real families, but we want to see real families of 4 first.

The talent will have scripts.
They do not need to speak Spanish.
SHOOT RATE: $500 flat/12 HR per person each day if you have an agent you will be booked thru them.
SHOOT DATES: 6/28 & 6/29/2016 Must be available BOTH days

USAGE- all media worldwide in perpetuity/ mostly Disney Jr & online usage.
It is not an open casting, talent must be scheduled.
Please send photos of talent in with their FULL NAME & AGE and we will let you know what their scheduled time is.

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  1. Faith

    Hi my name is Faith, I am eight years old and I love to act, dance and sing. My dream is to be an actor, please contact me to achieve my dream. You will be amazed by my talents.


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