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You can’t get the role without getting past the audition. A audition for musical theatre is a tough one, not only do you have to act, but you may need to sing and dance as well.

The personality you project is the foundation for your audition. It includes your wardrobe, the way you introduce your character and your capability to answer questions. No one can succeed in musical theatre lacking the right skills and using the wrong pieces at your audition. But they are also looking for more than just accomplishment. Your skills must be complemented by drive, obligation, self-assurance and like-ability. Your performance can be greatly improved by the way you present yourself.

In fact the right advice can transform a pleasant audition into a striking one.

Your goal is to convince the auditors that you are the actor they most need for the success of their program. With careful planning and the right music choices you can do just that. If you can audition successfully for a college program by applying some simple guidelines, you will have acquired the right skills that will stand you in good position throughout your career in musical theater.

How much you do at the audition depends on the role you are applying for. If applying for the dance troupe then your dance audition will be primary and singing secondary. If auditioning for a main role that does not require much dance, your audition will focus more on the voice and acting. Either way, be well prepared to do it all.

HAIR the musical

HAIR the musical

1) Picking the right audition song:

The song you choose to audition to can make or break it for you. Pick your song wisely. Your audition song should show your strengths. Never audition using a song just because you think it is what the audition panel wants to hear. When given a choice, always choose the best audition song you have to offer. Your audition song should be within your comfortable vocal range. An audition is not the time to stretch for a note. Blowing a note can blow your audition.

The audition panel will expect you to show the best you have to offer. When auditioning, perform a song you have rehearsed many times. Try not to copy the style of the recorded version. Audition with a song that you can identify with and show your own voice and style. Practice auditioning with only the accompaniment. Always choose songs in an appropriate style for the role you are trying out for. Songs you like may not be the best suited for your voice.

2) The question we hate, “Tell me something about yourself”

When asked this question try to show as much of your individuality as possible and not just repeat the obvious points on your resume. The casting directors already have your resume, repeating it back to them will seem boring and easily forgettable. As an actor, the last thing you want to be is forgettable.

Instead, highlight a few points or accomplishments you’re proud of. Talk about your interests and unique hobbies. Unique hobbies and personal interests make you more memorable and highlight your individuality. Tell a story about an experience, how you got into acting, a funny audition you once had. Acting is all about storytelling anyway. Make the casting directors like your personality so at the end of the audition they can say, not only only does she have a good voice, but I think she’ll also be great to work with.

3) Come prepared:
Now no one should really have to say this however many people do come unprepared to answer questions about themselves. Prepare your answer to “tell me about yourself” and practice it. Make sure the picture you paint showcases your experience, talent and personality.

4) Prepare to dance:
Musical theater auditions will many times have a choreographer show a few steps or a routine and the people auditioning will have to quickly learn the steps and perform them. Obviously there is little time to get it perfect.

Here is what they are looking for:
The alignment of your body when you dance. Your technique, are your extensions high enough are your toes pointed. Are you showing your flexibility and coordination. Your skill level will be evaluated. Can you make a jump or turn look effortless.

If your primary goal is to be a dancer, they a few dance lessons can make a giant impact on your technique.

Break a leg!

Mamma Mia on Broadway

Mamma Mia on Broadway

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  1. Miriam Castillejos-Morales

    I am de “momager” of my daughter Daniella Morales, 20. Singer, Dancer, Actress. At this moment is attending TVI Studios in L.A. Hispanic, beautiful. She has done Musical Theatre for 8 years, voicover, commercials for radio and TV in her natice Country Guatemala. She has a student visa and needs a working vida… if you hire her she could work for any Musical. Please contact me…. you will love her!!!!

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    I am 9. I love musical theater. And I am looking for Musical Theater audtitions in Mi detroit


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