Disney Casting Director Contacts

Contact Disney Casting Directors

Are you looking to audition for Disney? Disney hires 1000’s of dancers, singers, actors, musicians and performers all year long for many different productions. Disney casts lots of shows in many different locations around the world.

Some of what Disney casting directors cast for is Disney Cruise Lines Auditions, Disneyland Resorts, International Disney resorts such as Disney Tokyo, Theatrical productions of their popular shows, Musicals, Stunt shows and many other productions.

Please note that the contacts below are for Live shows only – These are not the contacts for Disney Channel auditions or any filmed productions.

Disney Casting Director Contacts

Walt Disney World (FL)
Disney Talent Casting and Booking
Walt Disney Entertainment
P.O. Box 10000
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Disney Cruise Line
Talent Manager
Disney Cruise Line Entertainment
P.O. BOX 10210
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney Entertainment Productions

P.O. Box 3232
Anaheim, CA 92803-3232

Disneyland Paris
Talent Casting
Bat. Merlin
B.P. 100
77777 MARNE LA VALLEE cedex 4

Disneyland Hong Kong

Please note that Disneyland Hong Kong has a web based contact here

71 thoughts on “Disney Casting Director Contacts

  1. Juan Crespo

    I’m trying to audition for wolverine for next year and interview for the X-Men.

  2. Zy'Teliyah Anderson-Madison

    I’m a platinum gymnast who does pageants and plays the viola. I’m in 8th grade in south Carolina. I’m very outgoing, rude, bossy, but I’m also caring, shy around guys, low key sensitive. I’m Regina gorge but with a low key good person personality. I have brown eyes, natural curly hair, I’m about 5 feet, light skin/brown skin and I think I would be perfect for a girl who loves to get intro trouble or someone who is rude and doesn’t care.

  3. Colton Moore

    Hi Disney I’m Colton Moore and I have watched the way Disney kids act and watched what they do. I would love to be apart of Disney.

  4. Rayelle

    Hello Disney, I’m sure that you get so many of these but just please listen and hear me out. I am a 11 year old female named Rayelle Reynante (Rey-el) and i’m in middle school (6th grade) with honors classes. Before you say that I am to young I am an artist, singer, actress, photographer, and a musician. I can play the piano, viola, and guitar (still learning). It would be an honor to work with Disney and I am really into animation and I know that you are busy but hopefully you see this. I really don’t want to work at Disney for the fame or money I just want to help make children to think that their dreams can come true and to just let their imagination run wild. I do have social media.

    If you want to contact me. I really hope I get the job but like I said I know that you guys are busy and get a lot of these but if you see this thank you for your time and the best of luck to you and who you are trying to find.

    1. Rayelle

      Also Email me if you want to see some of my new art and I will gladly send you some pictures back. 😀

  5. Aadam Daya

    Hi Disney my name is Aadam. I have been a big fan of Disney, I have watched a lot of Disney classics. I love lion king and have been watching all the live action movies. I am hoping they will make Lion king 2 Simba Pride. I want a role in lion king 2 live action as Nuka. I can act his part.

  6. Raz N. BlankzTon

    I’m 17 . I’m very good in acting but I was not trained in that. I always dreamed of becoming an actor and movie character or film producer.
    And I believe it will go well.

  7. Esther Lahai

    It would be an honour to be an actress at Disney.

  8. Siddhartha Kappavandla

    Hi I’m Siddhartha Kappavandla
    Me and my twin brother want to make a twin TV series in Disney channel.
    So, we want to send a demo tape of us.
    We are wondering if you could give us any mail ID or something.

  9. Lady Teodora

    I am a 9 year old girl with a big dream to be a Disney Channel star. I took ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop also my dance group took some girls and danced in Disney world and I was dancing. I am a good actress in my school play Annie. I was Annie, I was mother earth in John Henry. People say I have a beautiful voice. I sing in the choir at church and I just sing all of the time. I think I will make a good Disney Channel actress.

  10. Aastha Nayyar

    Hello I am 14 years old. I am looking for any auditions for acting. I would be fine with even the smallest role you have. You always have to start from the bottom. I auditioned once in my elementary school when I was 11 and I had got the role of the main character. The main character was supposed to be a male. My drama teacher believes in me and our play was success. The play that I acted in was The Toys Take Over Christmas. I had played the role of a toy maker.

  11. Shania Goppy

    I just want to get in contact with someone who owns Disney channel about joining Disney channel.

  12. Eden Watters

    I’m 13 from Mt. but moved to Tucson Arizona for more acting opportunities. I really hope that I get my big break! *fingers crossed*

  13. Dada nife

    Please, am a physical trainer. I need an acting job because I am very much good in it.. please help me anyone.

  14. Anecia Guthrie

    I am a good dancer and singer and I’m a very good actor, but I am a child looking for kid roles in Disney movies or Disney Channel.

  15. Jose navarro

    I’m a talented actor and have been taking dance classes. I want to join Disney Channel but I don’t know how, can someone help me.

  16. Richard Sarfo

    Hey, I am Richard from Ghana and I would like to work fr disney or Nickelodeon but I don’t know how to come there so if you would please help me I promise to do whatever you say.

  17. I have a 12 years old and a 9 year old,that have experience in acting and singing

    They really love to be on Disney Channel, that’s their favorite TV Channel.

  18. danielle

    Hi I’m Danielle. I’m in morocco with my parents and I want to be a singer and an actress.

  19. Aida Nourian


    My daughter is so passionate about being a actress and I know she would love to be in a disney movie or show.
    I am a single mom of 3 and it is kind of hard for me to put her in an agency who charges so much. Unfortunately I can not
    afford it. If there is any way she can audition for disney for free it would make her dream come true.

    would love to hear from you
    thank you

    1. erica

      Disney auditions do not have fees. It is not legal for an agency to request money or upfront fees for a chance to get an audition. Those companies that claim to do so are scams. Disney Channel / Disney XD holds a general cattle call / audition once a year, usually in the late spring or early summer. The information will be posted on this site about the Disney auditions for 2016 once it is released. And… it is always free.

      1. miishia

        thank you so much ms. erica because so many agencies been trying to charge for the auditions.

  20. bobbi smith

    I want my daughter tyo pursue her dream by being a singer and actress but every agency we went to, they want a lot of money and it broke her heart that we can’t afford it. So I hope this is real because I wants her dream to come true she’s only 14 years old.

  21. Jihane Moreau

    I would like to have my daughters audition for Disney.

  22. C

    I am interstrested in all things performing. I am in middle school and my friends and I have a band! We are super into our band but we all are singers so we need help with music. But we would LOVE to be in a talent search our next big thing on Disney or any other thing. I also am in plays, musicals, and talent shows at my school. I love acting and am in chorus. My school’s chorus (including everyone in my band) are actually going to the Disney Choir Competition in April, and are all really excited. Please contact me on the email I provided if you have anything for me or my band. I hope you all have a great rest of the year!

    1. C

      I also have watched Disney all of my life and still watch at the age of 13 (female) because it is so good. I love Girl Meets World, and if nothing else would love a chance to meet these amazing young actors. My dream is to be on Girl Meets World or to act with any actors on this show or any others.

  23. Pauline Cabrera

    Hello. I’m Pauline Antonette Cabrera. I lived here in the Philippines. I’m 12 years old. I’m a Filipino. I loved to act and dance. I want to be a Disney star. I grew up watching Disney. I really loved Disney. I want to show up so everyone can see my talent and I want people to see my talent. I want to grant my mother’s wish, to become a celebrity. For any opportunities please pick me: )

  24. Madelyn M

    Hello. My name is Madelyn. I’m 11 years old. I will be 12 on sept 9 2015. I dance. I can do any kind of dance. I’ve been doing drama club at school. I have gotten several compliments on my acting. I live in Knoxville TN. I’m tall for my age. I’m 5’4. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a sassy and fun personality. I have always wanted to be in a movie especially on Disney. Please contact me for more information about me. Thank you for the opportunity I hope you consider me.

  25. Leigh Lewis

    Hi! My name is Leigh and I am 16 years old. I am a competitive dancer: hip hop, jazz, ballet, and pointe. My goal is to one day dance at Disney World and then eventually become an engineer at Disney World. Anyways, I was curious if you could provide me with some information on how old I must be to audition, and also do you have any advice on how to reach my goals? Thanks so much!

  26. chennel

    I can sing and dance and would love to be in Disney.

  27. Daizhon

    I always wanted this acting job, I wanted since I was 3.

  28. yimi kims

    I would love to be part of disney. I am an upcoming actress from Nigeria and would like to make a different but I live in Nigeria.

  29. Daniela

    I would love to be on tv. If there are any openings, please contact me. I’m 15 and live in Indianapolis IN.

  30. marquneshahammond

    I want an audition with Disney Channel. I am 13 years old with good acting, singing, dancing, and music skills. I really want do this. I did not get to make it to auditions in Memphis but I really want to do it.

  31. annalease

    My name is annalease and I love singing. I act, I have always wanted to do something with disney and even meet my idol Idena Menzel. My dream is to be a voice actor. I would love to make my dream a reality.

  32. Kari Craddock

    PLEASE! consider me for ANY position! I live in Chicago, there are rarely any opportunities for me to live my dream here. I’m 13 years old as of Feb, 21 2015 (next Sat.) And I will dedicate all of my attention and time to do whatever I have to in order to make it.

  33. Kari Craddock

    PLEASE! consider me for this position! I live in Chicago, there are rarely any opportunities for me to live my dream here. I’m 13 years old as of Feb.21.15 (next Sat.) And I will dedicate all of my attention and time to do whatever I have to in order to make it.

  34. carolyn

    I can sing really good and got fired!!! In the auditions.

  35. Catherine Flowers

    My daughter is turning 13 on Jan. 11th. She is really a great actor. She has long dark blonde hair w/brown eyes, Perfect teeth and has a nice figure. Her name is Rhiannon. Please contact us asap. She will be a great asset to your show. We’re waiting on your email for Rhiannon to show you what she can do.

  36. Jasmin Gomez

    Hello ,

    I’m 16 years old and I live in New York City. I do acting, dancing, and singing. Please let me know about anything, I’m sure I will attend!

  37. Sénia Cleide

    Hello my name is Sénia Cleide Martins Janota, I am 17 years old, and I want to be the next Disney star. I act and sing, I have so much to show and offer the world, please contact me.

    Instagram: @precious_cleide

  38. Crystal

    Hi please get back to me, I have a handsome little man here. He’s 24 months old, he’s great in pics. I can see him for his future in acting and modeling, here in New York or anywhere else. I would travel, thanks.

  39. Crystal

    Hi my son is 24 months old. I would like him to model and act in movies, this my dream for him.

  40. Crystal

    Hi I have a baby boy, he’s 24 months old. I hope he can act in a movie.

  41. monica

    Hey my name is Monica woods. I need a audition in Indianapolis. I wanna model, sing, dance and act.

  42. Taylor Rowland

    My name is Taylor Rowland and I am a dancer and an aerialist. I was recently a dancer in Vegas! the Show in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. I am now and aerialist, Chinese pole performer, and dancer in Cirque de Le Mer at Sea World of San Diego. I am planning to move down to Florida in August and would love to have the opportunity to be a performer in Disney World or even Disney Land. You can also contact me. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Taylor Rowland

  43. Anna belle

    I am a big star in Natchez. I don’t have too audition, they ask me. I am always lead role, even if I’m a boy they find a way! Acting is me and I have my own account on a actress page so you can check that out. I will be paid.

  44. Courtney

    Hi, I’m 14 turning 15 in October. And singing as well as acting is my dream. It is my passion. I’m willing to do what ever it takes! I’m hardworking and I would love if you emailed me. Thank you for your time(:

  45. Mao Fujimoto

    hi I’m 12 years old in korea. I would like to be in disney or nickelodeon so that I can be a actress.

  46. Mao Fujimoto

    I’m great at singing. My dream is to be a singer or a actor so please give me a comment.

  47. Ashyia and Jayla Eballar-Hill

    Hi my name is Ashyia and Jayla Eballar. I would like to be in a Disney show. Me and my sisters are eight and 11 years old we love the show and we watch it everyday. We are located in Portsmouth Virginia.

  48. Yamiyah

    Hey! whats up guys. I know you guys don’t know me but you will if you give me an shot to be on a tv show. I mean really who wouldn’t want a 10 year old African American girl. So if you pick me, I will be the happiest girl or actor in the world.

  49. Aisha

    Hi, I am 20 years old. I live in a small town in New Hampshire and I plan on moving to Florida. My dream has always been to perform in a show at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and I am at the point in my life where I am ready to make that dream come true. I was wondering if it would be at all possible if I could get an audition schedule for January 2013 if there is one? I know you update the Disney Career/audition page all the time, but I haven’t seen any dates for January yet and I wasn’t sure if there would be any? I would greatly appreciate it if this would be at all possible. Thank you!

  50. Israel Wells

    hi ! I am a 13 year old actor from Rome, GA. i can do technical things such as build crops for sets, engineer and work with computers ! i am currently on a robotics team that is with FLL robotics. I just think you should know about me so if you need a african american male that is a nerd ! lol I’m the guy
    – Israel Wells

    1. Monica

      Reply to Israel: Reread your post before posting sweety. I’s are capitalized, & one builds props for theaters. Hope everything works out Isreal, you’re definitely on the right track.

      1. Monica G

        You should check your spelling too. It’s Israel, not Isreal.

        1. Lady Teodora

          She did put Israel, you big dummies, you are just blind.

  51. Vanessa Harden

    I really want to sing and dance in a movie. i want to be on a dancing or singing show or movie

  52. Meghan

    I love singing and acting I could do it all day I want to know how I can show all my talents to u guys and director

  53. Fernanda

    hi wanted to see what information could give me for auditions

  54. shantaria

    I am a very good dancer I attend in dance school , doing ballet , modern , and pointe . I am looking forward into doing many different things such as trying acting

      1. sisi sanchez

        That is rude and I hope your dreams don’t come true.

      2. Marie

        @Mdggg learn how to use your words correctly before you decide to comment. You are a very rude person and I feel sorry for you and your outlook on life! Everyone should shoot for their dreams and do what makes them happy!

      3. Deja

        Don’t you dare tell anyone they not going to make it just because you haven’t gotten your shot yet and for your F.Y.I …….. I’m never giving up on my hopes and dreams. You have no right to give people that type of bad vibe if you don’t want people to give it back to you. She will get her shot one day you will see. But on the other hand good luck in life ……GOD BLESS YOU and I wish you all the best.

      4. Brianna

        I believe I can make it. I believe many things. I have an imagination that’s not always real but I can make it alive.


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