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New TV Show Casting Real Estate Experts and Life Coaches

Paid-TV Network Casting Seeking a Mediation & Real-Estate Expert To Host An All New Series! (Nationwide) · Looking for interventionists, life-coaches, counselors WITH real estate/property expertise and experience. · Does your job include refereeing clients through challenging conversations and pushing them through divisive issues toward compromise? · Do you have a tough love mentality and […]

Casting Spokeswoman in Los Angles

California Creative Center Location: Hollywood Type: Reality TV We are seeking a spokeswoman to be the face of our effort to sell the concept of constructing a major architectural landmark that will serve as a headquarters for the war against climate change and environmental degradation. We are hoping to form an executive committee led by […]

Casting People in NY Tri State Are Suffering from Facial & Dental Issues

(Casting Tri-State Area) Seeking People Suffering from Facial & Dental Issues Location: Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT & PA) Type: Docu-series (Casting Tri-State Area) Seeking People Suffering from Facial & Dental Issues All-New TV Series seeking individuals who are suffering from: – Severe dental issues or disfigurement beyond normal dental work. Cysts, lesions, tumors, irregular […]

Casting Real Families Like The Family in “Soul Food”

CASTING REAL FAMILIES SIMILAR TO FAMILY IN MOVIE “SOUL FOOD”. Looking for big families with big personalities, who have soul food dinner every Sunday, made up of predominately couples between the ages of 21-45. Tag someone awesome! This is for the development of a reality show to pitch to television. Please email us photos and […]