Mitsubishi Video Casting Call for Working Professionals


Casting notice posted on, casting location: Indianapolis, IN
Current Los Angeles based production is looking for the next person to be a part of a new viral video series coming from Mitsubishi. We are looking for real people who hold interesting jobs/awards that can come out Wednesday, March 28th for a localized casting call. The types of people we are looking for include the following:

Former Mrs. America
Rocket Scientist
Opera Singer
Body Builder
Neurosurgeon (Brain Surgeon)
Animal Trainer/Lion Tamer
Kindergarten Teacher

If chosen by Mitsubishi, that individual will be featured in the segment, as well as feature what they do for a living and receive $1,000.

If interested in learning more about the project, please send age, gender, and career type to

Casting Location: Indianapolis, IN
Contact email:

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