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Casting Call for People Who Have Recently Bought A Home in The White Plains, NY Area

Home Renovation Show Casting Near Westchester Co., NY

Location: Within 30 – 40 Minutes of White Plains, NY

Type: Reality TV

A major home renovation series will be filming this summer in and around Westchester Co., NY! We are currently casting our homeowners, and looking for families who have recently purchased or are in the process of purchasing a home around the area, and want to make some major design upgrades as well as fix some serious safety concerns in the home.

Please see the casting flyer for information on how to apply!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Within 30 – 40 Minutes of White Plains, NY
Please submit to: by

This casting notice was posted by: RIVR Media

FOX TV Show “The Resident” Casting Call for Extras in Atlanta in 2021 Season

The Resident is filming the new season in Atlanta and now casting.

Atlanta area casting directors are looking for area locals to fill various paid, non-speaking, roles in upcoming episodes of The Resident.

The Resident is a medical drama series, airing on the FOX Network and created by Hayley Schore & Roshan Sethi. The show stars Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp, Manish Dayal, Shaunette Renée Wilson, Bruce Greenwood, Moran Atias, Merrin Dungey, Melina Kanakaredes and Malcolm-Jamal Warner.  The Resident is executive produced by Amy Holden Jones, Antoine Fuqua, Phillip Noyce and others.  Season 1 premiered at the beginning of 2018 and season 2 of the show is currently in production.

The Resident centers on the staff at the fictional Chastain Park Memorial Hospital and on the day to day lives of those that work there. The Resident also highlights some of the bureaucracy involved in the medical industry.

About the show:

Conrad Hawkins is one of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital’s best doctors. Charming and arrogant, Conrad likes to take an unconventional approach whenever possible and believes it’s his personal duty to shatter the romantic illusions of the first-year residents. Dr. Devon Pravesh is an innocent idealist who leans on his finely tuned moral compass, but with Conrad’s help, he begins to realize that the practice of medicine is a business, like any other, with less-than-angelic patients and fallible doctors.

The Resident

**The Resident**
Dates: Friday 4/23 (Covid Test) & Monday 4/26 (Filming)
Location: Testing & Filming in Conyers GA
Rate: $88/10 for filming + $22 for your pre-employment covid test
Restaurant Patrons: Looking for Men and Women 18+ who appears 30’s – 60’s to play as an upscale restaurant goer. Looking for individuals who appear Asian / Hispanic / Middle Eastern / Indian – Average Sizes

Must be fully registered with Central Casting and a New face to season 4 (If you worked before Sept 2020 then you’re free to submit) – Must clear a pre-employment covid test – N95 masks are required at all times unless filming / eating

As a condition of working on set, you are required to get a paid Covid-19 test at a production sanctioned testing facility prior to any work date(s). Additional testing may also be done on workdays.
While at the test facility and on set, Production requires that a face mask that covers your nose and mouth be worn. All possible work dates are contingent upon clearing these tests.

If you are fully available to attend a covid test on Friday 4/23 (in the morning typically 8 am – 10 am) and film on Monday 4/26 in Conyers and you’re fully registered with Central Casting please send your photos, sizes, contact info to RESIDENT@CENTRALCASTING.COM subject line “Restaurant”

Temptation Island Casting Call for 2021-2022

Get on Temptation Island.

The TV show Temptation Island is now casting for their upcoming season.  The show and the show’s casting team is looking for both singles and couples who would like to take the challenge.

What are you willing to try to find true love or to make sure that your current relationship is your true love?

As part of the cast of “Temptation Island” couples and singles get to go on an all expense paid vacation in the tropics while also being a part of a social experiment which puts couples and singles at the same location.

Couples cast for the show will separate and be put to the test as they date amazing singles who are still looking for the love of their lives and their soul mates.  Through this process, couples who arrived together will be put the the ultimate test, to find out if the person they came with is their true love or will they leave the island with another.

To be considered for the show, couple must be in a relationship, yet not married to each other or even engaged to one another.

To be considered to be on Temptation Island, all that apply must be at least 21 years of age and able to travel this summer.  Filming will require a 6 week time commitment between August and October of this year.


We’re looking for hot singles ready to find love and committed couples wanting to take their relationship to the next level.



ITV America TV Show Casting Adult Children With Single Parents

ITV Unscripted Dating Series.

From the producers of Queer Eye, comes a new kind of dating series, inspired bu your favorite Rom-Coms.

Looking for singles 40 to 60.

Would you love to help your mom or dad find true love? Whether your loved one is divorced, widowed, a serial monogamist or has never experienced love, if you believe that now is the perfect time for them to find their soul mate in a fun, supportive, rom-com inspired environment… Show producers want to hear the story.

See below for details.

Casting call:

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Looking for single parents age 40-60 with an adult child who can nominate them for a new unscripted dating series. Please see graphic for more details and info on how to apply!

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2021-05-07
Single Parents or Child Nominators should contact the email address in the graphic with a blurb of their story plus photos

This casting notice was posted by: Valerie Pearson, ITV America


Indie Film Auditions in Maine

After The Mist Clears

Location: Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Type: Film




• CASEY – Young woman, 30-ish
• THE LOBSTERMEN – 3/4 Fishermen / Lobstermen
• THE COWBOYS – 2 men // one around 20 years old, the other one around 50 years old
• THE CARPENTERS – 4/5 Working men
• EXTRAS – Any gender // Any age

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Please submit to:
A brief presentation of yourself + your age + pictures of yourself

This casting notice was posted by: Jonas Films

Casting Black Advocated for Type 2 Diabetes in New York City for Educational Videos

Untitled Telehealth Project feat. Diabetes Type 2 or LADA patients

Location: New York City

Type: Educational

Looking for talent that identifies as Black/AA and are advocates for Diabetes, Type 2 or LADA. Series will explore management of diabetes through telehealth tools.

Preference given to talent who can improvise or memorize long lines and are local to the New York City area. We’re looking for friendly, approachable, everyday people that are comfortable sharing their experience through a vlog style series. You should be comfortable filming yourself or working with an approved crew member in your home (if not based in NYC) or on a set near Herald Sq to capture your scenes.

This is a NON-UNION role.

The series will be available online publicly for consumer education.

No in-person auditions. Please share a self tape talking directly to camera about your experience or lack of experience using telehealth tools.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York City
Please submit to: by 2021-05-03
Please submit self-tape

This casting notice was posted by: Shannon Jones, Producer

Are you Goimg From Not to Hot This Year With Plastic Surgery?


Location: Nationwide (US and CANADA)

Type: Docu-series


A new Major network docu-series from the producers of a mega hit series wants to follow young people getting drastic life changing plastic surgery to change their lives for the better, from career to relationships and everything in between. Email if you are getting or just plan on getting life changing surgery! Major exposure for the doctors too! USA CANADA ONLY

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide (US and CANADA)
Please submit to: by 2021-06-18
Submit picture of condition, backstory, and contact number please.

This casting notice was posted by: Aberrant Creative

Actors in Atlanta Area for Indie Movie Project, The Curse Within

The Curse Within

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Film

The Curse Within – What Goes on in this House…. – is about a successful lawyer who preys on lonely women with daughters. He is a dangerous and heavily connect lawyer with friends at the top who turns the other cheek.

Open Role:

Correction officer – small role

Tracey – small role – smart young adult who has suspect that her best friend is being raped by her stepfather

Francine – is a child molester who makes her son takes the place of his dad. She has mental problems and thinks her son is his father.

John-Jon – is an abusive boyfriend that finds his girlfriend children attractive and because he can’t have them he beats on his girlfriend in frustration

Tavon – boyfriend who tries to protect his girlfriend from her stepdad

Young Ra-King – is being mentally abused by his mother after his dad leaves them.

Drip – is the best friend of the Lawyer who decides to turn him in and let tell all of his dirty laundry.

Please see the following PDF: The-Curse-Within-2-1-1

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA
Please submit to: by 2021-04-30
heashots, resume and video reel of work

This casting notice was posted by: Trevi Pershay Productions

Extras Casting Call in Akron Ohio

Share Project

Location: Akron/Canton, Ohio

Type: TV Commercial

Hello all,

I am looking for healthy females in various age ranges to act as background extras in a television commercial. There will be no speaking parts and the work will be very light. (Sitting, standing, faux conversations, etc).

The job will be in Massillon, Ohio on 4/28 and start at 9AM sharp.
The compensation for this job is $50 flat, and you can expect a three to four hour day.
Details of the project will be given after contacting me. Thank you.

Drew S.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Akron/Canton, Ohio
Please submit to: by 2021-04-25

This casting notice was posted by: Andrew Spice

Performers around the Long Island, NY Area

Location: Long Island, NY

Type: Comedy

(No blue material, please.)

Shows will be Saturday & Sunday AFTERNOONS (12pm – 4pm)
OUTDOORS … Late June, July & August

Location: East Meadow, Long Island, NY 11554

FUNDRAISER … Some pay possible.

Submit Video or your Website:
Subject: comedian * skits * drag queen OR magician.


The show will be held Saturday & Sunday AFTERNOONS (12pm-4pm)

OUTDOORS … in Late-June & July

The show is a FUNDRAISER … (No blue material, please)

Some pay possible for performers.

Please send your VIDEO &/or your WEBSITE … to: … subject: COMEDIAN or SKITS

Thank you! We will get back to you…

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Long Island New York
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: The AFTERNOON DELIGHT Players

Dallas Texas Actors for Student Film

The Intern

Location: Dallas, Texas

Type: Student Films

19 to 29 years old, all ethnicities female. Slim/Normal build, no special skills required, 1 fight scene (no stunts or fighting required). She’s one of the members of Triest’s team and has the power to create portals at will, and is the villain on this short. She comes across as a kind and decent person at first but with the flip of a switch she changes.

20 to 29 years old, Eastern European, white male. Normal/Muscular build, no special skills required, 0 fight scenes (no stunts or fighting required). He’s a mysterious and looming threat honing in on our hero and he’s sheer presence intimidates. He’s a villain.

19 to 29 years old, all ethnicities male or female. Lean/Normal build, no special skills required, 0 fight scenes. S/he’s the first face you see when you enter the internship facility. Overly happy demeanor.

20 to 29 years old, all ethnicities male. Lean/Muscular build, some knowledge on fighting required, 2 fight scenes. He’s one of the many guards that can be seen walking/standing around the internship facility. He ends up getting into a fight with our hero while trying to stop him from breaking in.

The Intern is a Action/Mystery short film about A young high school senior landing an internship at a bigshot company, but it turns out, everything is not as it seems when things from his past come back to haunt him in the present day.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, Texas
Please submit to:
Send me an email and let me know which role you would like to try for, video auditions are allowed and preferred.

This casting notice was posted by: Shane

Actors for Online Zoom Student Film, Nationwide

The Monumentals

Location: Nationwide

Type: Student Films

We’re a group of Year 6 students looking to cast actors for our graduating short film, The Monumentals.

SYNOPSIS: Born into a life of hardship, 17-year-old Shehnaaz pleads against a justice system that refuses to give him another chance. Tackling themes of inequality and race in Singapore, the film explores how troubled youths negotiate the social system.


A teenager whose life is littered with petty crime
Between the ages of 16-18
Malay or Indian
Preferably male

A cold and unmoving administrator for a juvenile home
30 years old or older
Preferably Chinese
Preferably female


Shehnaaz’s mother
50 years old or older
Malay or Indian
Non-speaking role

Shehnaaz’s father
50 years old or older
Malay or Indian

Hana’s colleague
30 years old or older
Preferably Chinese
Preferably female

Actors should be available on weekends between 15th and 23rd May for filming (additional dates may be added if re-shoots are needed).

Auditions will be held between 26th April and 2nd May over Zoom.

Non-professional actors are welcome to audition as well! Do note that these are all non-paid roles.

If you have any inquiries, do contact us!
Sarah (Producer) –

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2021-04-28
Please submit a photo of yourself (headshots are preferred but not required)

This casting notice was posted by: Sarah Lam

Casting Docu-Series “Broken & Alive” for People Going Through Hard Time

Broken And Alive.

Location: Nationwide

Type: Docu-series

Are you or is someone you know going through a tough time? A death in the family, a bad divorce, a layoff, a life-changing injury?

These moments can paralyze us in fear, keeping us stagnant, prevent life from really moving forward.

If you know someone who might be ready to face the challenge and fear head-on with a disabled world-class adventurer to achieve a real breakthrough, share their story with us.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to:
Email a paragraph of personal story or nominated as it pertains to the concept; headshot/personal shot as available.

This casting notice was posted by: Empty Quarter Studios

Actors in Richmond, VA for Student Film, Paid Lead Roles

Powhatan Ratman

Location: Richmond, VA

Type: Student Films

$100/day (3) for Mark and John
$100/day (1) for Chris

Filming May 1 – May 3

Please submit a 1-minute monologue in video format, resumé, and headshot to
Call Backs: ZOOM – TBD
Shooting Starts: May 1
Shooting Ends: May 3
Best friends who intern at the Powhatan Historical Society are tasked with making a boring tourism video when they get the idea to record themselves hunting down a local cryptid known as the Ratman.

MARK SMITH, Male, 18-24, Any Ethnicity
Mark is a fun-loving goofball who isn’t the smartest in the room but always keeps things fun. He took an internship at the Historical Society because he wanted to hang out with his friends and thought it would be easy work. He always has a story to tell about his eccentric uncle who he idolizes.

JOHN DIK-JAKOV, Male, 18-24, Any Ethnicity
John is Mark’s straight-laced best friend and de facto leader of the group. He always wants to do his best and follow the rules, but the pressure he places on himself to do so makes him extremely anxious. John envies Mark’s relaxed, go-with-the-flow attitude but can’t follow suit because of his need to be responsible and feel in control of his life.

CHRIS JONES, Male, 18-24, Any Ethnicity
Chris was the first friend to get an internship at the Historical Society and recommended the job to John. Although he’s more introverted and prefers to be behind the camera, he has a big personality and loves playing pranks on his friends.
Mascot Experience a plus though not required.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Richmond, VA
Please submit to:
ALL AUDITIONS WILL BE REMOTE. Please submit a 1-minute monologue in video format, resumé, and headshot to

This casting notice was posted by: New Surge Productions

Calling Kids as Extras for HBOMax Series Love Life in NYC

Extras Casting Call for HBO’s Love Life.

The HBOMax TV show Love Life is back in production in the New York City area and currently casting extras that are local to New York City who would like to work as paid background actors on the show.

Love Life runs on the HBO network and is described as a romantic comedy that tracks a woman named Darby.  The show stars Anna Kendrick as Darby and Love Life, premiered on HBO in 2020.

Darby Carter is in her twenties, lives in New York City and juggles both her social life and work life, often with the insecurities of youth bubbling to the surface. We first meet Darby in 2012 as an NYU grad living with three roommates: impulsive best friend Sara, Sara’s easy-going boyfriend Jim, and brutally honest friend Mallory. Following Darby over the next several years, Love Life shows how each of Darby’s encounters brings her closer to finding her “person”, even if she doesn’t know it yet.



Interested?  See the details of the casting call for extras below.

Gwci is seeking children (ages 6-10yrs) practicing in karate class for the hbo max series LOVELIFE.

Filming in NYC on May 10. To submit, register your child for free at

When registering your child, be sure to indicate what area you are local to under Employment Area. Contact info provided should be for parent or guardian, but profile should be under child’s name.

Mandatory COVID testing provided by production for children and their parent/guardian. Paid background work. Children must have valid ID and a valid NY Child Performer Work Permit.