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Countryside Community Theatre Announces Auditions for
Quad City Premiere of Les Miserables

Eldridge, IA- Countryside Community Theatre (CCT) is pleased to celebrate its 30th Anniversary by producing the Quad Cities Premiere of Les Miserables. The fully realized production is led by Director David Turley and Music Director Tyson Danner, the creative team behind 2011′s hit Gypsy.

A brief character description and breakdown follows this release. Auditions will be held on January 12 and13, 2013 at North Scott HS, 1st Street, Eldridge. Auditions will be held from 12-4 both Saturday and Sunday, with call backs from 4-5 each day, if asked.

Auditionees should prepare 16 bars of a Broadway song and bring sheet music (an accompanist will be provided). A capella singing and the use of recorded accompaniment are not allowed. We encourage you to sing something from the score, preferably a song for the character you are auditioning for. However, it is not required to sing from the score.

If you are interested in auditioning, please email to sign up for an audition slot. We anticipate a high interest in attending, so sign up early. In your email please state which day you wish to audition. We will try but can not guarantee that we can accommodate your time preference, only the day. Walk ins will be allowed, but you will be fit into the next open slot and may have to wait. Please bring a resume, if you have one, to the audition, as well as a RECENT photo of yourself that we may keep.

This show is very vocally demanding and while there are a few parts for children, only strong singers will be considered. Please see ages below if there are questions to a child’s age. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact CCT at


Les Miserables Character Descriptions

Jean Valjean: Lead, 40-60, High Tenor, Male- Prisoner 24601, released from imprisonment after serving 19 years (five for stealing a loaf of bread and fourteen for escape attempts). He decides to break his parole and turns his life around, proving that the corrupt can make good once more. He changes his identity, becoming the wealthy mayor of a small town. He later adopts Cosette, the daughter of Fantine. At the end, he dies and the spirit of Fantine thanks him for raising her child.

Inspector Javert: Lead, 40-60, Baritone/Bass, Male- Respects the law above all else and relentlessly pursues Valjean, hoping to bring the escaped convict to justice. He believes that humans cannot change for the better. In the end, he commits suicide.

Fantine: Lead, 25-40, Mezzo, Female- A worker who loses her job and becomes a prostitute, in order to pay the Thenardiers for the welfare of her daughter. She is dying of consumption and asks Valjean to after her child Cosette when she dies. She appears as a spirit to escort Valjean to heaven.

Thenardier: Lead, 35-55, Tenor, Male- A second rate thief. Thenardier runs a small inn, and later a gang.

Madame Thenardier: Lead, 35-55, Contralto, Female- Thenardier’s unscrupulous wife.

Marius Pontmercy: Lead, 20-30, Tenor, Male- Marius, a student revolutionary, is friends with Eponine, but falls in love with Cosette. He is later rescued from the barricades by Valjean, who ultimately gives Marius and Cosette his blessing, allowing them to be married.

Cosette: Lead, 18-25, Soprano, Female- Cosette, the daughter of Fantine, has become beautiful under Valjean’s adoptive care. She falls in love with Marius and is later married to him.

Eponine: Lead, 14-25, Belt, Female- Daughter of the Thenardiers, Eponine, now ragged and a waif, secretly loves Marius. She is killed while returning to the barricades to see Marius. In the end, she appears as a spirit and guides the dying Valjean to heaven.

Enjolras: Lead, 20-30, Tenor, Male- Enjolras is the leader of the student revolutionaries and a friend of Marius.

Gavroche: Lead, 9-16, tenor, Male- Gavroche is a streetwise urchin, who dies on the barricade helping the revolutionaries. In the novel, he is actually the abandoned son of the Thenardiers, although not mentioned in the musical.

Young Cosette: Lead, 6-12, Treble, Female- The daughter of Fantine, who is forced to work by the Thenardiers.

Young Eponine: Supporting, 6-12, Silent part, female- Daughter of the Thenardiers. She grows up with Cosette, until Valjean takes her away. She is spoiled and unkind to young Cosette.

Bishop of Digne: Supporting, 35-70, Baritone, Male- Houses Valjean after his release from jail and gives him gifts of silver and absolution. His acts of kindness to Valjean are to force Valjean to improve himself and escape the label of criminal.

Factory Foreman: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- Foreman of Valjean’s factory in Montreuil-sur-Mer, which employs Fantine and other workers. The Foreman fires Fantine at the factory when she persists in resisting his sexual advances.

Bamatabois: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- A young gentleman who tries to buy Fantine’s services and is responsible for her arrest.

Fauchelevent: Supporting, 40-60, Baritone or Tenor, Male- Fauchelevent appears only in the Cart Crash scene, where he is trapped under it. He is rescued by Valjean. He is an elderly man who has fallen on hard times.

Champmathieu: Supporting, 40-60, Silent part, Male- A man who is arrested and on trial because he is believed to be Valjean. Valjean reveals his true identity at the trial in order to save the man.

Brujon: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- The brutish and cowardly, but dissatisfied member of Thenardier’s gang.

Babet: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- A foreboding member of Thenardier’s gang.

Claquesous: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- Quiet and masked, expert at evading the police. Claquesous might in fact be working for the law.

Montparnasse: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- A young member of Thenardier’s gang. Montparnasse, a handsome man, appears to be close to Eponine.

Friends of the ABC: Student revolutionaries who lead a revolution and die in the process. (See members listed below)

Combeferre: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- Combeferre is the philosopher of the ABC group.

Feuilly: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- Feuilly is the only member of the Friends of the ABC who is not a student; he is a workingman. An optimist and an ambassador for the “outside”, while the rest of the ABC stand for France.

Courfeyrac: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- Friendly and open. Courfeyrac introduces Marius to the ABC society.

Foly: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- A medical student and a hypochondriac; best friends with Lesgles.

Grantaire: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- Grantaire is a member of the ABC. He is the opposite of Enjolras and believes in nothing other than his worship of Enjolras. He is an alcoholic and appears drunk in most of the scenes throughout the musical. In the musical, he has the second most important role among the students, after Enjolras; and the two appear to connect during “Drink with Me”

Jean Prouvaire: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- Prouvaire is the youngest member of the Friends.

Lesgles: Supporting, 20-40, Baritone or Tenor, Male- Enjolras’ second-in-command. Best friends with Joly.

Ensemble: The Chain gang, Warders, Constables, Poor, Factory Workers, Sailors, Whores, Pimps, Drinkers, Wedding Guests, etc) SATP, 16-70, Male and Female

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Quad Cities, Iowa
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