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28 thoughts on “Get audition notices

  1. Honna

    Hello, I’m an model/actress in ky looking for work. I have got my first break on an commercial for the mayor in aug of last year & had an blast while doing it. Hope to get back out doing what i love to do. Thanks!!

  2. Alexis Trigoso

    Hi my name is Alexis. I’m 26 and I live in New York. I have been in a parade for Miss Hispanic in Manhattan. I’ve always wanted to be in movies & commercials. I am interested & I would like to be notified of any auditions in the New York area.

  3. Aurora Lee Dykstra

    Just wanna know where to start , I want my daughter to do commercials and runway.

    1. Hadiya Peele

      I am a designer and I have been designing for about 5 years now. I was featured in Fashion Week and now I am going to be featured in Glam Fest. I am looking for models however this is not a paid gig. Please let me know your daughter’s age, height and size if you would like her to work with me, I am looking for models that can fit 2 – 8.

  4. Ronda Smerdon

    Good morning. My sister in law and myself are looking for modeling schedules in the New England area for our daughters including; New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and Vermont. Also, any other New England states that I may have failed to include.

    1. erica Post author

      The best way to stay updated on things we list is to join the mailing list, see form above.

  5. Nathaniel Horton

    I love acting in Movie Films. When can I get started and where is the location for auditions please contact my email.

  6. Jenny Lee

    I have four kids. My son is 13, and 3 daughters 11, 7, 4.
    I would like them to try modeling for kids’ apparel or magazines.
    I would like to be notified of any auditions in Los Angeles Area, California.

  7. Melissa Sturgis

    Good morning and my name is Melissa Sturgis, looking to get into movies as an extra and looking for work today.

  8. Sandro

    I love watching Disney Channel shows and the one I love most is K.C Undercover and I think I’m passionate enough to enter the audition.

  9. Nathan Pirro

    Hey looking for work and I’m hoping to get in movies. I would love to be in commercials and other things. I’m 16 years old and I was born in1999.

  10. frank emerson

    I am looking for work as an extra in Georgia, Macon or Atlanta area. I am 58, and retired.

  11. Aimee Barton

    I am a high school grad. I would love to do some commercials, TV shows and or movies in the Atlanta area.

  12. abhishek parashar

    I have pure acting skill, first, you take my audition, after you overwhelmed. My look American + Israeli…19 years, enter my English, voice quality, like American guy. I was awarded for learning English in my school. Take my audition.

  13. Kyle Alexander Bratcher

    I am an 17 year old (almost 18), 5′ 7″, fit male looking for any acting roles in the Oklahoma City area. Willing to preform almost any role.

  14. Candis Cole

    Hi, I am a 15 year old female, average height and size 6. Looking for acting/modeling jobs in the San Antonio area. I am open to almost any auditions.

  15. Adam Ilconich

    Hi my name is Adam Ilconich I live in Virginia and have been acting in theatre for over 5 years. I’m trying to get on commercials, TV shows, and movies so I can pursue my love for acting.

  16. Lauren Tinker

    I’m a dancer and a musician. I wanted to be an actress for a long time.

  17. Michael Rodriguez

    Hi, I would like to get casting calls.


    Female singer, actress, model looking for work middle age good looking

  19. Quincy Crank

    I’m a singer entertainer that’s looking for work. I live in the Tampa FL area.

  20. Renee marlowe

    Would love to be on that show with my fiance Tim.

  21. Renee marlowe

    The the new game show The Wall is exhilarating and heart pounding! Would love to give it a try.

  22. Michele

    Hi, I would love to be on the Wall! That would really help our finances big time! I also think that I have some potential for voice over in animation movies etc. Thank you in advance.


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