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Columbia International University’s Digital Film Production class is going to be filming two different Motion Pictures during this spring semester. We are needing a kaleidoscope of actors to portray both of these story’s characters. Auditions will be held in the television studio at the Columbia International University campus at 4:15pm-6pm. There will be signs for directions to the television studio on the campus. Please contact us with your contact info., a head shot and/or resume`.
casting location: Columbia, SC
Casting Auditions: Friday, March 12th, 2010
Principal Photography: Saturday-Monday, March 27th-29th, 2010 &
Saturday-Monday, April 10th-12th, 2010

Contact Info:


Jacob McKinley: Ages 45-55 – Father of Johnathan McKinley, Former missionary (most of is life) and former pastor. He is portraying the mindset of a disturbed Vietnam Vet coming home from war. The weight of depression and guilt from the loss of his friends, wife, and abandoning his son is his emotional state. In his childhood he was a extravert, but in older age he has become introvert.

Eleanor McKinley: Ages 40-50 – Wife of Jacob McKinley, Needs to be portrayed as a strong, sensitive, calm, and patient woman. In script she is deceased. But shown in last scene.

Young Johnathan McKinley: Ages 10-12 – Son of Jacob & Eleanor McKinley. Needs to portray feeling scared, alone, introverted, but a kindness and genuine personality.

Older Johnathan McKinley: Ages 21-27 – Son of Jacob & Eleanor McKinley. He has been lost to finding any purpose of his life, confused, gave up his belief in everything; God, family, friends. Wants nothing to do with his father in the beginning, but his love for his father slowly comes back through Emma.

Grandfather: Ages 50-70 Father to Jacob McKinley, Grandfather to Johnathan McKinley. Needs to portray serious, strict, church-going, work-to-live personality. He has love for Johnathan McKinley, his grandson, but is very unforgiving to his son Jacob.

Grandmother: Ages 50-70 Mother to Jacob McKinley, Grandmother to Johnathan McKinley. Needs to portray friendly, calm, collected, supportive of her entire family.

Emma: Ages 21-24 Becomes friend to Johnathan McKinley, Daughter of Daniel Parker. Needs to portray very understanding, patient spirit, friendly, courageous, and honest.

Emma’s Father: Ages 40-50 Daniel Parker-Father of Emma Parker. Needs to portray business oriented, extravert.

Thieves Main Characters:
Protagonist – Sam Caldwell
Age: 25-35 – Needs to look like he is carrying pain, but with a kind of softness. He needs to be someone who could look hard and kind. Sam is an introspective person.

Antagonist – Ben Rundell
Age: 27-37 – Hard, clever, and a bit crazy. Needs to look like a con man. Should look smart and calculating. He is a manipulator.

Young Sam Caldwell
Age: 10-14 – Sam should be a small kid, at least smaller than Ben. Sam is a broken, hurting teenager.

Young Ben Rundell
Age: 11-16 – Ben should be bigger than Sam, but not huge. He should look tough. Ben is a cocky, smart, mischievous kid. He is an only child.

Martha Codington “Grandma”
Age: 50 – 70 – Should look like a kind, sweet, “grandmotherly” woman. Sam’s Grandma and caretaker after Sam’s parents died. She often sings or hums old gospel tunes and sees life very positively. She relies heavily on her faith in God and likes to tell Bible stories to Sam and his friends.

Becky Johnson “bank teller”
Age: 22-40 – Should be kind and warm. She is a Bible believing Christian who works at the local bank.

Robert Rundell
Age: 35-45 – Ben’s Dad, is an executive at a bank. He is trying to move up through the company as money and status are everything to him.

Cindy Rundell
Age: 30-40 – Ben’s mom and a prominent public relations representative for a housing firm. She shares Robert’s obsession with money and pushes herself to be the best.

Mrs. White
Age: 45-60 – Ben and Sam’s teacher. She is a kind woman, but strict. She cares about her students and wants them to succeed, although she gives no free rides.

Supporting Cast:

Extras kids: – 12-20 kids to accompany Ben and Sam in class and neighborhood scene.
Cops – need at least 1 cop, preferably 3 or 4
– dog for trailing the suspects.
Extras Adults: 3-6 young to middle age adults for bank and bar scene.

Casting Location: Columbia, SC
Contact email:

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Columbia, SC


  1. Dominick Jeno DiMeola

    I’d like too try out for a part. I live in Nashville,TN. I can figure out a way to get to where I need to go for the auditions. I’d like a try, I’m 38. Give me a try. Peace.

  2. Antwan

    I am really interested. I want to act in a movie and/or model. I have a lot of talents. I am a varsity soccer player. I am 17. Please email me.

  3. Kenneth Brown

    To whom it may concern, I Kenneth would like 2 have the role of Ben Rundell the antagonist in the movie The Last Yesteday, im positive i can do the part better then anyone i am 25 yrs old………….


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