Casting Audience – Free Tickets to MTV TR3S / Pitbull Event | Los Angeles

By | March 23, 2010

Casting audience for large MTV Event in Los Angeles

MTV is casting an audience that would like to attend a live show that includes Pitbull on stage, lots of free games, celebrities and will be filmed by the MTV TR3S crew.

– DO YOU WANT TO ATTEND MTV TR3S ROCK AND GOL IN LOS ANGELES, CA? MTV TR3S is looking for all soccer fans and Pitbull fans to be part of this special event for the filming of Rock and Gol, a soccer event and Pitbull on stage filled with tons of interactive games for Free to enjoy. Everyone wants a ticket and we have hundreds.

This event is at the HOME DEPOT CENTER on March 31st and Free to attend. Filled with tons of celebrities attending and filmed for MTV Tres. This is a cast audience, you cant just show up, you must have a ticket.

Tickets are Free but space is limited so hurry and apply for your ticket. You must be over 18 years old to apply for this show.

For FREE TICKETS go to , and click on the ROCK AND GOL LOGO TO APPLY

Pro Players
Brandi Chastain
TAb Ramos
Tony Meola
Marcelo Balboa
Cobi Jones
Marta-Current Pro
Temryss Lane -Pro Player
Giovanni Savaresse

Celeb & Music Talent
Jenni Rivera
Michelle Rodriquez
David Bisbal
Carlos Mencia
Jesse Williams
Debi Nova
Nadine Valazquez
Walter Perez
Jesse Garcia

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