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By | June 21, 2010

House Party UK
Casting notice posted on, casting location: London

House Party was a 1990 comedy film. It starred Kid and Play of the popular hip hop duo Kid n’ Play. This production will be a UK adapted version using the themes of talent, young people and simply having a good time.

PLOT – In college “Play” (Peter) announces to his friends “Kid” (Chris), Mo, Jamal, Mic and Mo that he’ll be having a party at his house that night, as his parents are out of town.

Kid is then involved in an fight with school bullies Fist, Pee and AK.

When Kid gets home, he discovers that his Headteacher has been home to visit his mum & inform her of the fight. Realising his mother is more than likely going to ground him, Kid sneaks out to make his way to the party.

On his way to the party, Kid runs into the bullies but just about manages to escape another all out conflict.

When Kid finally makes it to the house party, he finds it in full swing, with attractive girls Cidney and Charlene also in attendance.

The party continues with a variety of choreographed dance routines and musical performances.

The party is intrupted by the his headteacher and mum, spotting Fist, Pee and AK starting on Kid’s little brother (Toby).

The party is allowed to resume with PAs and dance routines as the bullies are found as the source of trouble for the problems in college etc.


• Smart
• Musically talented* (Ability to rap and write lyrics)
• Ability to dance
• Well mannered
• Lives with his mum ‘Mrs. Wandakoo’ and younger brother Toby
• An aspiring mc
• Friendly
• Shy around women
• Dress: Smart (prepy)
• Laid back
• High achiever
• Best friend to Play
• Cidney’s love interest

Casting Location: London
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