Auditions for RAW Summer Festival 2010

By | May 26, 2010

Posted by the Producer – Auditions for RAW Summer Festival 2010
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Kentfield, ca

RAW (Ross Alternative Works) will present 3 One-Acts in FULL PRODUCTION
Sat, JUNE 12, 9:00am – 12:00
at The Barn Theatre, Marin Art and Garden Center,
Lagunitas and Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Ross
Non-AEA, no stipend

For Appointments/information/read from scripts
Go to:

Ladies in Waiting
by Zazu, directed by Cris Cassell
5 female actors
Members of the Free Scott Peterson Death Row Pen Pals Club wait for
their chance to visit the condemned prisoner.
MYRA (African-American): Corrections Officer working at the Death Row visitor’s waiting room.
BETHANY (55+): A married retired high school teacher and committed Born Again Christian.
DODGE: (30’s) A proud butch lesbian. Well educated and political.
BONNIE: (20’s) Young uneducated welfare mother, devoted to her twins and pregnant with a third.
CRYSTAL: (40) Voluptuous lap dancer/prostitute from Reno. Scott is her last chance.
by George Pfirrmann, directed by Deborah Eubanks
1 male actor, 1 female actor
A young man with Asperger’s tries to seek relief from his loneliness in the company of an Ukrainian immigrant who is running from her own problems. A comedy about connections, lost and found.
ALBENA (late 20’s, early 30’s): Ukrainian, prostitute
CLIFFORD (early 20’s): Asperger’s syndrome, virgin.
Turning the Tables
by Kathleen Bradley, directed by Dale Camden
3 male actors, 3 female actors
A widow and her son are opening Cafe Frou Frou after the head of the family dies unexpectedly. Problems arise when the famous chef quits and they escalate from bad to worse in this fast paced farce.
LARRY MOXEY (35-40’s): actor-writer with a flair for drama
SHIRLEY MOXEY (50-60’s): Larry’s wacky but determined mother.
DR. WENDELL KICKBUSH (50-60’s): pompous, officious know-it-all.
GWENDOLYN KICKBUSH (50-60’s): The Doctor’s obnoxious social climbing wife.
STANLEY FLUSHER (50-60’s): A “no nonsense” plumber.
MARGE FLUSHER: Stanley’s wife.

Casting Location: Kentfield, ca
Contact email: