Casting show about High School Reunion


Do you have a reunion coming up?

Is it a 5 year? 10 year? or even a 20 year?

How do you dress now compared to high school?

Makeover show is looking for people with unique style for a whole makeover worth $$$

Do you dress:

Stuck in the 80’s
Too Hoochie
Too Gawdy
She dresses like a Pre-Schooler
Worst Dressers ever!
Worst wedding dress and style ever-let’s make her over and have them renew their vows!
Too tight, too short and too low-cut
Big hair, lots of makeup and rocker style-needs to go!
Biker Babe needs to soften her look
Bride-To-Be with horrible style
She’s always in plaid!
Every day is HALLOWEEN! She has a different costume/style every day!
Dressing in Vinyl
Forever in Animal Print
Geek-Comic Con Freak
Ugly Betty
Ms. Congeniality/ (Law Enforcement to Glamour Girl)

You tell us!!!

Email: Name, Photo, Contact info and story ASAP to