Auditions for Sports Movie with UFC’s Dan Severin

By | June 22, 2010

Auditions have been announced for a movie starring Dan Severin, “Win By Fall”. Auditions will be held in Michigan and the movie will be shot in Grand Rapids, MI. The film is casting supporting roles as well as many extras, teens to play High School students, wrestlers and HS cheerleaders.
UFC Champion Dan Severn stars in “Win By Fall”, a for DVD movie.

Win By Fall – a PG 13 sports movie about HS wrestling will be shooting in Grand Rapids starting July 5.

Casting the following roles:

Alex: age 16 – 23, must be able to pass for HS. This actor must have a strong Judo background. Must be Judo, not karate or any other martial art. An acting background helps, but I can teach you to act – I can not teach an actor Judo. On set July 5 – 12, with lines.

Greg: age 28 – 30. Good build. Ex HS wrestling star who never moved on. Hangs out with all the HS kids and throws HS parties at his house. On set July 9 and 11, with lines.

Schwartz: age 16 – 20, must look HS. About 130 – 150 lbs. Wrestling background is helpful but not at all a must, need a strong actor. Schwartz is the slightly nerdy member of the team. On set July 5 – 12, forth largest role of the HS wrestlers.

Ref – I am looking for any type who is or was a REAL ref in HS wrestling. On set July 8 and 9. Short limited lines.

Mom – age 45 – 55. Strong background in GR theater wanted. One day shoot with lines.


20 girls to play HS girls and cheerleaders. Age 16 – 23, must look HS. These are not speaking roles but you will be the “popular crowd” seen over and over again in many scenes. It is possible that a couple of you will be given short lines once on set, but please don’t count on that.

10 guys with HS wrestling experience, age 16 – 23. These are not speaking roles but you will be on set with the main cast most of the shoot and in many scenes. You will be asked to wrestle for real at about 75%.

Please send head shots and resume to Please include the name of the character you are interested in, your photo, your resume, and contact information.