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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Pieter Space, Lincoln Heights
DONLAVY DANCE COMPANY is seeking dancers, Stage Manager & crew for its new work, Stonewall Ballet. Like previous projects CSI6 and ?, Stonewall Ballet is the new 35 minute modern ballet retelling the historical 1969 Stonewall Riots in NYC. Set in the year 2029, the infamous riot marked the unofficial battle for Gay Civil Rights, Gay Marriage and the recent debate over “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Retold from true stories, adapted for the dancer and then digitized three generations later, the NYPD and the “Nellie Queens” remain the key opponents in this history that needs to be told again. Watch as this Christopher Street Barre re-match puts its audience up front as witness to a fight that barely through a punch. Much like a story passed down generations the feature performance here casts new “queer” ballerinas; equipped with toe shoe’s Hip Hop moves and skill. If dancing was a signature end to a fight against discrimination then dancing will continue to be a source of strength for anyone willing to set one foot in front of the other.

Stonewall Ballet offers up a history lesson. It is a true story. It really did happen this way. Visually the dance work should reveal itself as an iphone application you launch with the touch of your finger. The goal is that once Stonewall Ballet loads it will hold, amuse and eventually ask that you silently cheer along with its tale. Back then, they arrested the gay community for dancing. Seriously, homos were arrested for “striking up a KICK LINE” and singing.

Choreographed & Directed by Samuel Donlavy, he says “it’s a work you’ll want to be part of because its a work that’s already a part of you. It’s America’s history. It is Donlavy’s hope that once the dance begins the dancer wins. Stonewall Ballet will rehearse for 5-8 hrs per week, Tue, Fri & Sun evenings (open to change) for 6 months with a March 2011 Premiere tentatively set. Dancers are paid for performances. Additional pay and or additional opportunities needed with Creative Team and Teaching Staff available. Please send pic, resume and interest to Audtion is scheduled Friday, Nov 7 @8p at Pieter Space, 420 West Ave 33, Unit 10, in Lincoln Heights, 90031. Please come prepared to dance, bare feet & comfortable clothes (tights/leotards preferred). First rehearsal is Sunday, Nov 7th.

Casting Location: Pieter Space, Lincoln Heights
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