BBC Casting for DIY Debacle home show – DIY SOS

This is a casting for UK residents only – Is your home more of a DIY disaster zone than a tranquil retreat from the rest of the world? The BBC’s flagship renovations programme wants to hear from you.
The winning recipe of presenter Nick Knowles, Billy the Spark, West Country wits Jules and Chris, apprentice Matt and our glamorous designer Julia, combined with the Irish charm of carpenter Mark, need you.
So if you’ve got a DIY debacle at home, get in touch. Maybe you’ve had a tough time of it recently and need a miracle to give you a room that would change your life, or maybe there’s been a bodger at work. Whatever the problem, get in touch – DIY SOS is always looking for stories.

To apply
Application form: Fill in the online application form.

PO Box 198
BS99 7JN
Photos or video of the DIY disaster will help us assess your application more quickly, but please don’t send these until we ask you to. Please note that we are unable to return them.
If you have a query about anything you have seen on the show, email the team at

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