Casting 30 something Grandmas

Reality TV Tryouts Los Angeles

Are you in your 30’s and you’ve just become a grandmother?
Do you have an incredible story to tell about being a 30 something grandma?
MysticArt Pictures and a major cable network are looking for 30 something women whose daughters have recently become pregnant, or have already had a child, to star in a new docu-soap reality series!!

This series will follow the real life drama of women in their 30’s who have recently found themselves in the role of “Grandma.” Is your new role in life unexpected? Are you thrilled? Maybe a little disappointed? Were you shocked? Did you have something else planned for your life, but right now have to put that on hold?

If this sounds like you, then you’re the perfect candidate for our show!

-Women in their 30’s who have recently or are about to become grandmothers
-Daughter and grandchild must live with you or very nearby
-Must be a legal US resident

*Compensation will be provided for the families who are chosen to appear in the series!*

Please include your name, age, contact phone numbers, email addresses, a recent photograph of yourself, and a brief summary of why you want to share your story!