Casting Adult Oriented Show | New York

By | April 4, 2010

Casting call in New York for an adult oriented show called “Bed Fellows” . It is not a reality show but it deals with adult situations, nudity and what people do within their bedrooms. The show is supposed to be a documentary that discusses intimate matters between New York adults. Please see character information below for more detail.

Bedfellows is a dramatic series that delves into the intimate relationships of couples living in New York City by documenting their conversations in perhaps the most intimate space in their respective homes: the bedroom.

Male / 18-24 Years / Any Ethnicity / Requires Nudity.

Brandon. Brandon is an aspiring music producer and part-time cassanova who thinks he’s God’s gift to young women. Brandon splits his time between school and waiting tables at a trendy New York restaurant.

Male / 25-30 Years / Any Ethnicity / Requires Nudity.

Jason. Jason is your quintessential free-spirit/flake who’s ADD yet to be diagnosed. Struggling to hold down his job as an Assistant Manager at a boutique in SoHo, Jason wants more out of life. He just doesn’t know what ‘more’ is yet.


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