Casting Asian Actress in NYC


We are looking for a female Asian actress who is interested in partnering with us to take on this rather challenging character and to be the lead of 4 short and entertaining pieces that we are filming to resurrect Noir Crime Cinema. The whole film will only take 4 days to shoot (and not in order) maybe just film on the weekends or when your schedule is available.

we are seeking an Female Asian Actress/Model to be the lead in a series of short films about a tough (but pretty) New York Mercenary..

You get to Carry a Gun (and use it ) ^_^

Asian Actress
age 23-28
Ht 5′ 2 – 5′ 7″
Slim – with the right moxy to play the lead role of Migs Mine

The GOAL of this film is to begin to build a following for the character Migs by extensively promoting the short films on YouTube and Vimeo and having viewers start to want to see more of the Mercenary, Migs Mine.

We are even going to pay for online ads to promote the short films. Also Guest Directors to complete the 3rd and 4th films…its going to be great.

This is not pop sillyness either, our script is thorough and the character has a lot of range (that is why she is unpredictable) and the scenes at times are darkly funny and the viewer will sympathize with the somewhat lonely and untrusting existence of the character Migs Mine who goes about her missions of protecting (or assassinating) people along with her own troubles.

The first short film does not really introduce the character as much as you immediately walk into trouble with her since from the very opening sequence she is outside on the Westside of manhattan putting a clip in her gun (because she is scared) as she has a meeting with a fellow that she does not trust and you can see the masked fear she exhibits when going to meet this guy…it will be shot in very cool visuals (and in Hi Definition, we are professionals).

About us:
We are Who Low Media, LLC Julio Thillet and Jun Igarashi, commercial filmmakers who create marketing and promotional videos for our clients. But we have been working on this script for this short story for a few months and we would very much like to find the right actress to play the darkly interesting character..Migz Mine~

thank you, if this part interest you please send 3 photographs or an online video reel and tell us something cool, more than anything we want to vibe and hopefully you are fan of crime cinema way of the gun-resorvoir dogs-usual suspects- films such as these.


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