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By | June 20, 2011

posted by the filmmaker
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York City
Good Morning.

Indie Filmmaker seeks two non-union professional female actresses age 20s-40s.

The short film project is entitled: Into The Night / A tension filled drama about two estrange drivers-for-hire (the women) who meet at a specified location and switch cars. The content in the trunk of both cars will remain undisclosed. One of the woman fears she is being followed.

Seeking collaborators with a wellspring of versatile characters, a fertile imagination and bona fide improvisational skills to match.

There is no budget for this shot film project. You will be doing your own make-up, provide your own clothing for the shoot and work for free.
Food will be prepared by the filmmaker. There will prior meetings for at least 2 hour each time to discuss and rehearse scenes. Shot in HD, the film will be made with craft.

Shooting will take place in July over a course of a few days, those dates can be arranged in accordance to your availability.

Actors must consider themselves co-collaborator in the project. A DVD copy of the final cut of the film will be provided to everyone who participates. The film may also be submitted to film festivals.

Please take your time exploring the filmmaker’s website. Send photo and contact information via the e-mail below. Thank you.


Filmmaker’s website:

Casting Location: New York City
Contact email:

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