Casting Call – Money Drop – Do You Have Unbelievable Courage, Quick Wits, and Nerves of Steel?


World-famous reality television producer Endemol USA (which brought you Wipeout, Fear Factor, and Deal or No Deal) is bringing you the next big reality game show! MONEY DROP

An extraordinary new primetime game show where contestants face the ultimate high stakes challenge unlike any ever seen on television!

Here’s your chance to win!

In this new, fast-paced, exciting game show, each team of contestants is given their prize: Cold hard cash! All they have to do is hold on to it. Just 8 multiple-choice questions stand between the contestants and their chance to take home the million. It will take unbelievable courage, quick wits, and nerves of steel to beat The Money Drop…

Have you got what it takes?


Are both over 21 years of age with dynamic personalities and compelling back stories (Teams can consist of any two people, married or unmarried couples, brothers and sisters, bosses and employees, best friends, partners, etc.)

Are U.S. citizens or legal residents of the U.S.

Currently live within driving distance of Los Angeles


Please include your name, address, occupation, contact phone numbers, email addresses, a recent photograph of you and your teammate, and a brief summary of why your team is a perfect candidate for this show. You must submit as a team. For more information, please contact MysticArt Pictures at 818.563.4131 or visit