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We are currently casting for the short: Dark night of the soul, an exploration of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. This film is much more than a post apocalyptic art film with Christian overtones. In the characters there is isolation and a lack of understanding. One of the most terrifying things is when a person is put in a hostile situation where reason and rational thought are thrown to the wolves. Dark Night of the Soul is an allegory for what people go through every day. It explores how little we really know about one another, and how hard even simple communication can be.

Synopsis: A boy ,Jay, watches his family die from “the sickness.” He grows up in this post apocalyptic world and becomes a wanderer; a beggar looking for his next meal. While wandering about one day, he stumbles upon what seems to be an abandoned home. While searching the home for food he is greeted unkindly by the home’s god fearing owner, Patton. After much deliberation, Patton allows Jay to stay in his home for the night. Jay believes it is an act of kindness; Patton has other ideas for Jay…

Shooting will take place the weekend of January 15th. PLEASE let us know which days you are available during the week of the 15th.

Casting will take place on JANUARY 4th at 12:30pm-5:30pm and JANUARY 5th at 5pm-9pm
at Theater Momemtum, 1800 W. Cornelia Ave. PLEASE EMAIL FOR DIRECTIONS


DAVE (48): A systems analyst for a minor computing company. Dave is happily married and comfortable with his life. He lives quietly in a small suburb where there are no surprises, and he likes it that way. He is not deeply religious, but goes to church mostly to please his wife.

ANNE (42): Anne is a stay at home mom. She has devoted her life to taking care of her husband and son. She was born and raised a devout catholic which she enforces on her family. It is her duty to take care of not only her family’s physical well being, but their spiritual one as well.

Jay (17): A well mannered and average boy. Jay does well in school. He plays on his high school’s junior varsity basketball team. He was born and raised going to church. He has never had any reason to believe in anything else.

Jay (20): Jay has spent the last three years of his life walking and scavenging for whatever food he can. He has seen the best and worst of people, mostly the worst. He has been walking for a very long time.

Patton (57): Alone, and living in isolation since his family died. Patton comforts himself by reading the bible. He gets food however he can. He hunts, but bullets and supplies are getting scarce. Patton does not get many visitors at his home.

Please prepare a one minute dramatic monologue and be prepared to cold read from the script. Please email headshot and resume for an audition slot,
you may also come in anytime during the audition dates.
Call Manashi at 612-483-2587 with any questions.

Compensation will include a completed copy of the film with credits as well as food during the shoot.

Casting Location: Chicago, IL
Contact email: