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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Seattle, Washington

A young man in a town near a city does not fit in with the rest of society. He finds the world around him to be too busy and confusing. James decides that he can’t take it anymore and will run away to his real home, the wilderness. While living in nature, he forgets about the world he left behind and dedicates himself to filling composition notebooks full of his thoughts. James meets a girl, Zoey, that walks through the forest and the two fall in love. This short, 15 minute, film explores human emotion in its raw natural state and the decisions one must make while surviving on their own.


James is a young man, 15-18 years old with strong features (pretty thin and 5’9” to 6’2”). He is quiet around lots of people and finds that he doesn’t fit in to well to society and has no real “official friend group”. Somewhat of a drifter, James wants to escape society and go find himself in nature where he feels at home and most comfortable. He doesn’t need attention and doesn’t care for most things that kids care about at his age. He loves writing and loves commenting on society in his work. He writes daily in a journal and the composition book is an outlet for his complex emotions.

Zoey is a pretty 15-18 year old young girl with soft features (5’4” to 5’10”), who like James, loves the natural world and finds salvation in it. She is calm and collected and knows how to balance her social life and her personal life. Zoey has a hint of sarcasm in her tone at times and makes a few comments throughout the film that bring this feature out. She is not exactly a huge social butterfly but she does have some good friends to confide in. She is smart too and knows what she wants in life. She loves the wilderness and walks through it every day admiring its vast beauty.

Nick is also 15-18 years old and has strong features but also dresses pretty nicely and is a studious kid (5’9” to 6’4”). He is a friend of James’s and is a very friendly person who has a good amount of friends but also reaches out to James and extends his friendship to him. He loves to go out and be active in the world and likes to have some nice people to be with. He sees the hidden side of James and realizes how he doesn’t fit in but doesn’t let that affect his friendship.

Casting Location: Seattle, Washington
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