Casting Cats for Animal Planet new show

Animal Auditions – Los Angeles

Do you have a cat-astrophe?  or does your kitty simply misbehave?

Are the problems with your cat driving you and your family nuts? Does the cat avoid the litter box? scratch? bite? nipp? meow excessively?

Are you tired of the trouble making kitty or have you come to believe the cat is just plain dangerous? If so this new Animal Planet show may be able to help.

Are you ready for help from a cat expert? The cat expert can deal with kitty’s bad behavior and transform your hellcat into the angel you would like him to be.

3 Ball Productions (The Biggest Loser and Beauty and the Geek) is casting cats and their families for a new Animal Planet show. If you have a cat with behavioral problems and live in the Los Angeles area, you may be able to get on TV and address your cats behavioral issues.

To apply for the show (Los Angeles area residents only) please email

name, age, city for you as well as the name, age, breed and problems you are having with your kitty cat. Also include where you got the cat and pics of yourself, your family and yes, your cat. Be sure to describe your cats issues in detail.

Please email: