Casting Celeb’s Kids for Reality Show

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We are looking for children of celebrities, actors/actresses, and of the privileged. If you were/are in the headlines/tabloids, we would like to hear from you for a reality television show. Some television or film experience is preferred, and you must be somewhat famous or have famous parents. You also must be between the ages of 21-25.
Make sure you include your first and last name, and a picture (please NO nudity). Half nude pictures will also not be accepted. Head shot or full body is okay, and your picture must be recent. If you are represented by an agent, have your agent contact us with your information. We have a running show on KTLA (Channel 5), and this is our new project. You will be briefed if you qualify to be a participant and must be prepared to sign a non disclosure agreement. In addition, if you are selected for an interview, it’s just that “an interview” and does not mean that you are already on the actual show. If you already sent in your resume last week, please do not reply to this posting. We really appreciate your cooperation.

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