Casting Documentary in Hawaii about veterans

By | June 22, 2010

Filming a full length documentary film on the evolution of the U.S. military and memorial tattoo and how Wounded Warriors use them to recover from battlefield scars.

There will be several historical and military reenactments. Casting for: Vietnam War Soldiers

LT Walters -(early 20’s; male; slender, youthful look; unsure of himself)
Sergeant Davis – (30’s; mature, rugged, athletic, experienced, commanding attitude)
Corporal “Rex” Reynolds- (20’s; baby-faced yet experienced; “boy next door” look)
Private “Sims” Simmons -(early 20’s; inexperienced, slightlyincompetent)
Private Lee- (20’s; athletic, outspoken)
Private Styles (20’s; tall; slender; dorky; intelligent)

Please send short bio with head shots; any other shots welcome. Professional photos not necessary. Please no hats or sunglasses in photographs.

This is a “for credit only gig” with food.

Proceeds made from this film will donate a percentage to a wounded
warrior program.

Director: Gregory Hines