Casting Fabulous, Outrageous and funny families for new docuseries, MY FAMILY

By | March 15, 2010

Major cable network is searching for a large, extended and multi-generational family to be the stars of their own comedy reality show. We’re looking for funny families that REDEFINE THE TRADITIONAL and BREAK THE MOLD of your typical ho-hum American household. This show will document their lives and explore the family’s complexity while witnessing the craziness, chaos and love that makes their family special.

At your annual Thanksgiving dinner, do you look around and think your family should have a reality show because no one would believe it otherwise?
Do you find yourself having to explain your family dynamic to those unfamiliar with how things work in you non-traditional household?
Do your siblings, parents, in-laws or hired help bring a new element that pushes the envelope? Maybe someone is in a May/Dec relationship or has taken on responsibilities or roles that might deviate from the norm? Perhaps one of them is gay or was adopted from a far-flung exotic locale? Is there someone of a different race or ethnicity that’s mixing things up in your previously homogenous family?
If your family puts the FUN in dysFUNctional, then this is the show for you!!!
Tell us about your family. The good, the bad and the ugly.
Please include:
All family names, ages and occupations
A brief bio about your immediate and extended family
Include a family photo
Contact phone numbers for the main contact in each family
This is a feel good show where at the end of the day LOVE CONQUERS ALL.
All family members involved must live in close proximity to one another.
Characters welcome.
Email ALL info to

One thought on “Casting Fabulous, Outrageous and funny families for new docuseries, MY FAMILY

  1. Dominique Jackson

    Hi, I am not ashamed to say MY FAMILY IS dysFUNctional!!!! Well first of all my little brother Tyrone is 26 and still lives at home with my mom. Like grow up already. My big sister Chiriga is 30 with 4 kids and just learned how to keep a job this year, lol. Like the family is not going to take care of you forever you are the oldest. I have 2 kids with 2 differnet dead beat men. But I am married to a man with a crazy ass baby’s momma. And don’t let me get started on my in laws that’s a whole new story. I look forward to hearing form you My name is Dominique Jackson Im 27, My sister is Chiriga Williams 30, Brother Tyrone Williams 26, Brother Edward Williams 28, oh I for got to mention him because he is like in his own world like he is to good to be a part of the family he never comes to family events and he thinks black girls are ghetto that’s why he only dates hispanics or girls that are not African American. N/E way my husband is Jerell Jackson 26.


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