Casting notice posted on, casting location: Northridge, CA

Audition dates: Sunday, November 14th 2010
Shooting Dates: Friday 11/19/10 through to Sunday 11/21/10

When his father passes away, Johnny moves in with his very controlling mother who prohibits him from pursuing his passion; playing the guitar. He struggles to overcome his mother’s power.


JOHNNY / Lead / Male / Caucasian / 15 – 18 years (but must be 18)
Description: Johnny is submissive to his mother. The only thing that makes him happy is playing the guitar. He will stand up to his mother towards the end. (Role must play the guitar relatively well)
Wardrobe: Hipster musician, wearing a band T-shirt (beatles, The ramones, something along those lines.)

AMBER (MOTHER) / Supporting / Female / Caucasian / 37 – 45 years /
Description: Slender lady, 5’10 (or taller), very controlling of her son and always thinks that she knows what’s best for him. She opposes the idea of him playing music quite strongly.
Wardrobe: Very neat and conservative. Or in her scrubs/medical coat.

JOEY / Supporting / Male / Caucasian / 35 – 43 years
Description: Joey is Johnny’s uncle (from his father’s side). He is very fond of Johnny and cares about him deeply. He’s a modest, good natured, average Joe.
Wardrobe: Casual. Shirt, jeans. Clean shaven.

JOHNNY’S FATHER / Supporting / Male / Caucasian / 37 – 45 years
Description: Divorced from his wife Amber, he has custody over Johnny. He is a guitarist (but no guitar skills are required for the role) and he cares a lot about his son.
Wardrobe: Casual. Shirt, Jeans.

Send an email with Headshots and resume. If you haven’t done anything professional but have taken acting lessons, that’s fine, but please state which school you went to, which courses you did, which teacher you had and for how long you were in the course.
This is a good opportunity to have material for your reel and also get contacts from people who will probably be working in the industry later.
All meals are provided.

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Casting Location: Northridge, CA
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