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Casting a Student Film in Pittsburgh PA

Picture Perfect Location: Pittsburgh, PA Type: Student Films In this coming-of-age drama romance, it’s the most important night of Amari’s life: prom. She soon finds out her parents are not as supportive of her ideal night when she brings home Zach, her transgender boyfriend, into the picture. AMARI – female, 18, open ethnicity Protagonist. She’s […]

Auditions in Glasgow Scotland for a Student Film

Grey Hunt Location: Glasgow, Scotland Type: Student Films A Light-hearted drama about two reconciling friends, it is a student project to be uploaded onto YouTube. The role is that of the character “Renny”, a happy-go-lucky optimist who wants to go camping and hunt down an elusive creature known as a “Wulver”. To betake place outdoors […]

Casting Extras in Ventura for Student Film

The Suburban Odyssey Location: Ventura, CA Type: Student Films Hello, I am a student filmmaker looking to cast actors for my first big project. My film is a comedy about two teenage boys who spend a weekend trying to raise money for a TV by whatever means necessary. It’s a simple premise on paper but […]

Casting / Crew Call in Columbus Ohio for Student Web Series

Enhanced. Location: Columbus Ohio Type: Student Films Casting call for crew, for new student Web Series, “Enhanced!” A story about 16 year old fraternal twins Willow and Willis Reedman Who have supernatural experiences on the anniversary of their mothers tragic death. They go to their grandparents who’ve raised them since their mothers demise for questions […]

Student Film Auditions in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Odd Job Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Type: Student Films SCOTT: Lead Protagonist •Late 20s- Early 30s, Male •Medium Height, thin build, short hair, stubbly beard •Stunts: Running, Fight Scenes Scott is a man who has coasted through life and is beginning to realize his mistakes. He plays off conflict with humour, but it is usually […]

Casting Call in Kansas for Student Project

35 cents Location: Lenexa KS Type: Festivals I am a research Scientist, currently in my senior year at KU. We are looking to complete a segment in a film about mental illness medications and treatment 1968-1973. We are looking for talent, a female and a male lead for the scenes which will be primarily adlibbed […]

Student Film Casting Call in Dallas / Ft. Worth Area

The Radius Limit Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Type: Student Films Plot Summary: Set in a post Virus pandemic world, the population is under strict regulation and monitoring of the latest mutating virus. Amongst the population a man is accused of being infected by a mutated virus and must prove his innocence and avoid a manhunt. […]

Singapore Actors for Student Film, A Kid’s Master Plan

A kid’s master plan Location: Singapore,Singapore Type: Student Films Hello! We’re looking for males between the age range of 8-10 year olds and 45-50 year olds respectively. Roles: Ralphie ~ 8-10 year old ~ Male ~ Mischievous/ Cheeky Old man Parker ~ 45-50 year old (if you’re younger but thinks that you have the characteristics […]

Auditions in Jonesboro, GA for Student Movie Project

The Waiting Room (Student Film) Location: Jonesboro, GA Type: Film Title: The Waiting Room Writer/Director: Ashley N. Payton Student Short Film Filming Dates: June 25th- June 28th Audition: Videos Submission (slides will be provided) Location: Clayton State University Film Studios, Jonesboro, GA Actors & actresses will receive a copy of the film & IMDB credits […]

Actors in Atlanta for Student Film Project

At the Dentist Location: Atlanta, GA Type: Student Films ‘At the Dentist’ is a short comedic student film about a guy that completely loses his cool at the dentist’s office. Please be advised that there is a bit of foul language in the script. The project is non-paid and non-union. Lunch and snacks will be […]

Auditions in Vermont for Student Film

Our House Location: Vermont Type: Student Films ‘Our House’ is a student short film following a mother who begins to suspect everything around her is being replaced. Filming in St. Albans, June 23-25. Casting: [Katherine] female, 35-55. A single mother of two daughters who starts to doubt reality as she knows it as things grow […]

Actors in San Francisco for Low Budget Film Project

Comedy Horror Location: San Francisco Bay Area Type: Film Low-budget: non-union Compensation: paid The end of the world apocalypse story about a geek, a narcissist, a whimp, a flirt, a goofball, an airhead, a know-it-all and a few good zombies fighting for survival. – Narcissist: Male or female: ages 19 – 45 – Whimp: Male […]

Atlanta Area Actors for A Georgia Tech Virtual Reality Film

Ireti: A VR Short Film Location: Atlanta, GA Type: Other Projects Part of a Georgia Tech independent study, this virtual reality short film will experiment with volumetric filmmaking/photogrammetry, 3D animation, and live-action. With exciting technology capable of unlimited possibilities, the group will endeavor into the lands that few have tackled by mastering its accurate form. […]

Student Film Auditions in Newbury Park, CA

Stupid People Location: Newbury Park, CA Type: Student Films Casting short film “Stupid People”, a story between a young pair with an odd relationship, questioning why they are together. Are they friends? Dating? We will be following the 2 throughout their “free” day and observe their relationship. Then we’ll find out why they are together […]

Actress in Singapore for Short Student Film Project

Actor and Actress wanted for a short film by students Location: Singapore Type: Student Films Synopsis: Emily and Andrew and their unborn child, diagnosed with down syndrome. He wants to keep it, she doesn’t. The story of their growth as they face the hardest decision they would come across in their lifetime. Actor: 27-40 years […]