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Actors in West Palm Beach Florida for Student Film

Palm Beach Atlantic University Films Location: West Palm Beach, FL Type: Student Films Male 8-12 yrs: student, overly confident Male 16-18 yrs: student (jock) Male 20-35 yrs: extremely lighthearted, joyful, and child-like Male 40-50 yrs: Police officer. Former theater student. Female 10-15 yrs: student, large ego, overly confident Female 16-20 yrs: student (nerd, hippy, hard-working) […]

Auditions in Singapore for Student Film Project “Skinny Dish”

Skinny Dish Location: Singapore, Singapore Type: Film We are Final Year students from Temasek Polytechnic, Diploma in Digital Film & Television. We are working on our Final Year Project, a 15 Minute Short Film on Body Positivity and Self-Acceptance. The synopsis is as follows: Hui Xin is a plump and ordinary-looking girl who lacks confidence […]

Casting Call for Student Film in Washington DC, DMV

Mon Lierre Location: Washington DC, DMV Type: Student Films Looking for a majority/all queer cast if possible Mervinia: a young woman, around 15 (Elle Valente, already cast) Phoebe: a young woman, around 15, preferably a queer/sapphic actress Mervinia’s Cousin: a young woman, around 17 (but could be played by someone 15+ in theory) Mervinia’s father: […]

Auditions for A Student Movie Project in San Francisco

Mourning Routine Location: San Francisco, CA Type: Student Films Low budget student film looking to cast two leading roles. Film to be shot last week of October in San Francisco. Woman, aka ‘Cathy’, mid-late 20s. Man, late 20s-early 30s, fit/handsome. Please submit headshot, and a reel. $200 flat rate, plus meals and travel. Synopsis: A […]

Casting Student Film in Chicago

The Church Location: Chicago, IL Type: Student Films MALE LEAD Fatherly, misguided MALE CHARACTER, Aged 18-22 Younger face, skinny, dark hair FEMALE CHARACTER, Aged 20-35 Motherly, kind eyes, dark hair FEMALE CHARACTER, Aged 20-30 Steely eyes MALE CHARACTER, Aged 20-25 Handsome, tall MALE CHARACTER, Aged 50-60 Professional FEMALE AND MALE CHARACTERS, Aged 20-40 Extras Payment: […]

Actress Auditions in Phoenix, AZ for ASU Student Film

Bang, Marry, Kill Location: Phoenix, AZ Type: Student Films Comedy/Action LOGLINE: A hitman is hired by a woman to kill her cheating husband. SYNOPSIS: Jack is a hitman for hire looking for potential jobs online. He finds a new job online and meets with his client. She is a woman named Karen who hires Jack […]

Auditions in Syracuse, Utah for Student Film

The Recue of The Hawaiian Princess Location: Syracuse, Utah Type: Student Films Female Actors Wanted for Personal Student Short “The Rescue of The Hawaiian Princess” Hello there. I am a film student (doing classes online at NY Film Academy.) You’ll have to provide your own costume. It is a action/adventure. Payment: Unpaid (but name in […]

Dublin Ireland Actors for Student Film

Missing Location: Dublin Type: Student Films Mystery drama short – MISSING We are looking for a male actor to play a writer who is struggling with writers block and is also heartbroken. We need the actor to wear glasses or have access to glasses. We also need him to have a beard and be willing […]

Auditions in Altamonte Springs, Florida for Student Film

Location: Altamonte Springs Type: Student Films Currently casting MEDS, a short film about a serious conversation that leads to a revelation. If interested, we will send you a side and you can send a self-tape audition to us. Once you’ve recorded yourself, please send us a youtube link that is unlisted. Shooting dates are August […]

Auditions in Savannah for Student Film

Sentry Location: Savannah, GA Type: Student Films “Sentry” is about a man keeps watch over a portal that opens in a fireplace every night at midnight to keep out the evil on the other side, but his failing health is forcing him to pass this task along to his orphaned niece/nephew long before he/she may […]

Auditions for Lead Roles in Dallas Area Student Film

Best Played Loud Location: Dallas, TX Type: Film Official Synopsis: A music duo, Jackie: a quiet folk guitarist, and Rome: a loud electric guitarist both have ambitions of breaking into the music industry. In the midst of their jealous competition, the two are withholding a deviant secret that could potentially cost them both their lives. […]

Actor in Columbia, SC for Student Film

nefelibata Location: Columbia, SC Type: Film I am looking for a young male actor to act opposite me in a short film that I will also be directing. It’s a very small production but the end product will be worth it. I’m not looking for anything in particular appearance wise. The role that I have […]

Actors in Houston Texas for Student Film Project

The Social Distancing Relationship Experiment. Location: Houston Type: Student Films Logline: A late twenties couple with social interaction issues try to navigate the dating scene during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic in Houston. Genre: “The Social Distancing Relationship Experiment” is a dark comedy on the effects of the pandemic on people’s mental health. Roles: John: man, […]

Actors in Belfast, Northern Ireland for Student Film

Quarter-Life Crisis (Working Title) Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland Type: Student Films Quarter-Life Crisis (Working Title) EXPENSES PAID Genre: Comedy/Drama After a three-day bender, a girl wakes up on her campus with no recollection of how she got there. As the last day of uni fast approaches, she must confront her anxieties with the help of […]

Actors in Pittsburgh, PA for Student Film

Picture Perfect Location: Pittsburgh, PA Type: Student Films In this coming-of-age drama romance, it’s the most important night of Amari’s life: prom. She soon finds out her parents are not as supportive of her ideal night when she brings home Zach, her transgender boyfriend, into the picture. AMARI – female, 18, open ethnicity Protagonist. She’s […]