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By | April 3, 2010

Saturday April 17, 2010
10am-1pm General Audition –Non Singing
1pm-2pm Lunch Break
2pm -7pm General Audition-Singing

Sunday, April 18, 2010
9:30am-1:30pm General Audition –Non Singing
1:30pm Lunch Break
2pm -6pm General Audition-Singing

Auditions 5 minutes. Actors may prepare any combination of:
•a monologue from a contemporary play and a monologue from a Classic play
• in addition to monologue(s), one song from a musical not to exceed 48 bars. Accompanist provided. Bring music in your key. (No recorded music). 2 photo/resumes

Where: The Opera Center
201 Hazel Ave
Webster Groves MO 63119

Appointments: You must schedule an appointment for an audition. To schedule an appointment, call Katie at 314/968-4288.

Casting Authority – Kathleen Sitzer. The New Jewish Theatre operates under an SPT contract (Tier pending) with AEA.
MY NAME IS ASHER LEV by Aaron Posner, Director, Deanna Jent
1st rehearsal 9-13-10, Opens 10-6-10, Close 10-24-10
1 M, 25-ish, Asher, a gifted artist, observant Jew
1 M, 45+, the Father, ultra-Orthodox, and other roles
1 W, 45+, the Mother, ultra-Orthodox, and other roles
THE LAST OF THE RED HOT MAMAS (musical) by Tony Parise, Director Tony Parise
1st rehearsal 11-8-10, opens, 12-1-10, Close 12-26-10

3 W to play Sophie Tucker at various ages:
Sophie at 50 – larger than life, both in size and personality
Sophie, 20-30 – “zoftig,” comfortable in her body. The sexy Sophie. Must have a large belt voice
Sophie, 16-20 – able to play 10-18. Must have a big belt voice. Must be round with a baby face.
1 W 40 – 50 – Mama & others – Soprano. Must be able to do a yiddish dialect
1 W 50+ – Molly Elkins and others. Full figured African American. Must have a big voice
1 M 18 – 25 Louis Tuck & others – Must be able to play 16-30. Must sing and dance
1 M 30 – 40 Frank Westphal & others – attractive, able to sing and dance. Ability to play piano a bonus.
1 M 50 – 60 Papa & others – Character actor. Must sing and act. Must be able to do a yiddish dialect

IMAGINING MADOFF by Deb Margolin, Director Joan Lipkin
1st rehearsal 1-17-11, opens 2-9-11, close 2-27-11
1 M 50+ Bernie Madoff
1 M 55+ Elie Weisel
1 W 40+ Madoff Secretary
AWAKE AND SING by Clifford Odets, Director Steve Woolf
1st rehearsal 3-28-11, open 4-20-11, close 5-8-11
roles of Jacob, Myron & Morty have been cast
Bessie – 45, the matriarch of the household
Hennie – 25, attractive strong-willed daughter of Bessie & Myron
Moe – 30 – 40, WWI vet with bad leg, wooing Hennie
Ralphie – 22, idealistic son of Bessie & Myron
Sam – 30, hard working immigrant who marries Hennie
Schlosser – 25 – 35, the janitor
Show #5 TBA, Director Edward Coffield
1st rehearsal 5-9-11, opens 6-1-11, close 6-19-11

For questions or further information contact
Kirsten Wylder, 314-442-3175
Kathleen Sitzer, 314-442-3257

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