Casting Host for Travel TV Series Paradise Hunter

  • Post category:Reality TV, an online travel site, is searching the world for a new host for our upcoming travel TV series “Paradise Hunter”. We’re looking for people who are energetic and passionate about travel to apply.

Over a season, the host will travel the world hunting for his or her vision of Paradise. We will cover 12 different destinations as you meet incredible people, see spectacular sights and try great activities. On top of the $60,000 USD salary, you will be given a property worth $150,000 USD in whichever country you have chosen as your paradise.

No experience is necessary. Applicants are invited to create a 60-second video showing why they would be the ideal Paradise Hunter. You are encouraged to show enthusiasm, familiarity with the Paradise Hunter brand, and a love for travel and other cultures.

For more details about the job, the competition, and to submit your video please visit the “52 Weeks Paid Vacation” competition at