MTV Casting Fun Latino Families


MTV Tryouts

Is your family the craziest one on the block? Do you often find yourself in bizarre or hilarious situations with your siblings and parents? Are one or both of your parents remarried or about to get remarried outside of your cultural heritage?

MTV is looking for a funny and entertaining family who can show us insight into the Latino perspective of life, but with a twist. We are looking for large families (3 or more siblings between the ages of 10-25) whose parent(s) have remarried, or are about to get remarried, outside of their Latino heritage. We want the family to be a well connected one who love each other and like to have fun with one another. If this sounds like your family, please send an email to with a picture of your entire family, names of all family members, your location, and a brief paragraph explaining your family dynamic and why you fit the description above!