Casting Kids for Cooking Show “Fantasy Feast”

Auditions posted by the Producer & Chef: Fantasy Feast
Casting notice posted on, casting location: San Jose, CA
Shoot dates are June 9, 10, 11 afternoon and evenings in San Jose & multiple locations on Friday for the main kids. The show is a TV Promo and non-paying.

Here’s what I need from my talent and auditions:

(5-6) Kids between 11-16 years old that can be available all three days. These kids will be the Fans, the students and the cooks. These kids will sell the show so big bright personalities are key. They may have lines and will not have to actually cook for the promo.

(1) Kid around 8 that will be the celebrity as a child in a flash back. The celebrity is yet to be cast but this kid has to look like him or her.

(5) 16-22 year olds as: The Celebrity Musician and his or her Posse. These are slightly spoiled celebrities the will need to be dressed in black tie rocker attire like a music award show outfit and must be available all three days. Probably the only the main celebrity will have lines, the others just look good with attitude.

(10-20) extras Kids or young adults that want to be adoring fans seeking autographs, taking photos, screaming as the celeb walks the red carpet. More than likely shot on the 10th.

(4) Paparazzi with big flashy cameras would be great!

(1) ’80s style wine guzzling lazy non-cooking mom of the celebrity during a flash back- Think Peg Bundy from married with children. Probably shoot her on the 9th.

Crew help- PAs, Makeup, helpers, food prep, dog wranglers etc. all three days.

Casting Location: San Jose, CA
Contact email: