Casting Short Film

By | May 14, 2010

Starr Films is casting Sarina’s Song, a nonunion short film set in the early 1940s, when America has just become involved in WWII. Sarina’s Song follows the emotional journey of a young woman seeking freedom from her aristocratic upbringing for a chance at true love with an American soldier.

Shoot begins July 6th at Oheka Castle on Long Island. Shooting with the RED camera.


SARINA BERKLEY late teens, early 20’s, classic beauty prefer brunette but will see all hair colors. Strong, sensitive, MUST HAVE BALLROOM DANCE EXPERIENCE specifically WALTZ and TANGO, LEAD.

WILLIAM SMITH late teens, early 20’s, dark hair preferred, Sarina’s true love. MUST HAVE BALLROOM DANCE EXPERIENCE specifically WALTZ and TANGO, LEAD.

CHARLES BERKLEY 50’s, classy, sophisticated aristocrat, father of Sarina, MUST DANCE TANGO, supporting role.

SAM HARRINGTON 20’s, blond hair, blue eyes, extremely handsome, and arrogant, Sarina is promised to him. MUST DANCE TANGO, supporting role.

GEORGE HARRINGTON 50’s, slightly plump, prefer lighter complexion, father of Sam, supporting role.

ELDERLY SARINA 70’s-80’s classic beauty, strong personality (1 Scene).

ELIZABETH teens-20’s, any ethnicity, granddaughter of Sarina Berkley (1 Scene).

BALLROOM DANCE COUPLES Must be professional ballroom dancers or amateur competitors. Dancers must be able to dance the VIENNESE WALTZ, WATLZ, TANGO, and JITTERBUG at an advanced – professional level. NO EXCEPTIONS.


235 W 48TH ST., SUITE 27A

NEW YORK, NY 10036



Absolutely no drop offs.

Copy, Credit, Meals and Travel, Provided.

Director/Executive Producer: Angelique Letizia

DP/Producer: Chapin Hall

Producer: Francesco Saviano

Producer: Stephanie Taylor

Casting Director: Jaime Carroll

Auditions: May 19th – June 9th, by appointment only

Shoot/Start Date: July 6th – 12th 2010

Location: Long Island, New York