Casting Short Film “ReplikAAA”

By | June 17, 2010

Al’Myra Communications in collaboration with Producer, Lise Swenson, are holding an open audition for
A stylish psychosexual thriller revolving around trafficking

Casting notice posted on, casting location: San Francisco

Open call June 24th, 4-7:30
BAVC, Bay Area Video Coalition, 2727 Mariposa at Bryant, above Starbucks, 2nd Floor
Filming Dates: August 14th and 15th in San Francisco

RelplikAAA is a silent short film that mixes seduction and the art of trafficking in a sensually thrilling exploration of the criminal consciousness.

We are currently casting for the following main characters:

William: A body parts trafficker , serial killer with an aptitude for seduction.
Caucasian, Irish- American looks, late 30’s – early 40’s
Tall, medium build, red hair and green eyes preferred

Kristina: A DNA trafficker. Confident, devious, and calculating, all masked by her chic style and grace.
Asian, 25-35 but difficult to determine true age.
Average height, slender, preferably with background in dance.

Manfred: Specializes in trafficking bio-chemical substances.
Dominate presence, dynamic, intelligent, and mysteriously seductive.
Mixed ethnic background, late 30’s early 40’s
Well built, 5’8 – 5’10, blue or hazel eyes, facial hair ‘ok’.

Alixis: An expert in trafficking fraudulent works of art and priceless antiquities. Young, graceful and vibrant with doll like features.
Caucasian, age late 20s
Slender build, youthful features, 5’4- 5’8, light skinned, dark hair ok, light eyes preferred.

Ramses: Jewel Trafficker. Androgynous, fits in easily with both men and women, he seems to move in and out of social circles with ease. Intelligent, calculating, and observant.
Asian, late 30s
Slender build, 5’8- 5’10, delicate features.

ReplikAAA is a silent short film, come prepared to move & improvise.
Please bring hard copies of your headshots and resume.
Actors will be seen on a first come first seen basis. We encourage you to arrive early.

For further questions please contact