Casting Student Film Boston

We are currently looking to cast a male actor (55-75) to play Agosto, one young actor to play young Agosto (8-12), two young actors (8-12) and extras for a short film entitled “Agosto”.

Agosto, an elderly man battling Alzheimer’s, is trying to make sense out of his new reality. He cannot always distinguish his memories from the present and as a result he becomes increasingly irritable. But ultimately, he is more vulnerable than he is frustrated, and cherishes the little moments of clarity and remembrance in this confusing new world.

Young Agosto is looking or a friend and he follows two kids down the street.

The extras are onlookers to Agosto and the kids’ behavior.

Auditions are Tuesday February 16 and Wednesday February 17 in room 114 of 150 Boylston St, Boston from 6PM-8PM. Emerson College

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  1. Blessing

    Is there a specific appearance for the young Agosto or gender?

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