Casting “They Swim” | Atlanta

By | June 10, 2010

Red Hand Productions is now accepting headshots and resumes for the upcoming independent film “They Swim,” a zombie-action-musical-comedy.

They Swim! – Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta

Ages 21-35. Please email submissions to Auditions begin this Saturday through the following week. Must be able to sing.

SYNOPSIS: Sydney, a shy conspiracy theorist, takes the opportunity of a party at his friend’s lake house to convince the girl of his dreams, Donna, to be with him. Unfortunately for Sydney, she has shown up with her old boyfriend. Unfortunately for everyone, zombies begin to emerge from the lake, attacking and devouring the partygoers. It falls on Sydney to lead a rag tag group of survivors escape the onslaught of amphibious zombies- with the help of his tire iron. At the same time he is trying to woo Donna- with the help of his voice. The zombies are the byproduct of Government nuclear tests in the 50’s. The government thought they covered up the unfortunate side effects of these tests by flooding the contaminated town and its inhabitants and creating Lake Lanier. That is until people start to mysteriously disappear. The zombies sport poodle skirts and ducktails, they crave human blood, but more importantly . . . They Swim!

Donna: The main character’s love interest. She is torn between Gray and Sydney.

Gray: A nice guy who wants something more in life. He has a sense he is meant for something bigger.

Anton: Sydney’s funny (and sometimes lewd) friend who is trying to talk his friend back down to earth from his infatuation with Donna.

Cathy: Donna’s sarcastic best friend. She has an ongoing feud with Anton.

Marshal: Host for the Lake house party. He is laid back and fun.

Casting Location: Atlanta
Contact email: