Film Audition Canada | Toronto


Canada Auditions for film

Roulette Pictures is looking for actors/actresses to star in the upcoming production STEALIN’ HOME.

Filming will be held in Toronto from Friday, October 1st to Sunday October, 3rd, 2010.

We will be filming on the Red One Cam.

Director: Joseph Mari.


Character Breakdowns:

1. Male / 51-60 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
CHIEF OF POLICE: An authority figure that commands respect. He is older and nearing retirement. He tires of the antics THE HEAVIES are responsible for.

2. Male / 25-30 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
JIMMY: A intellectual Heavy that plays a passive and submissive role. But he is still a gang member and tough when he has to be.

3. Male / 15-17 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
ALIEN: Will have significant makeup done to the face. Has to be thin and shorter then 5’8. Must be flexible and agile.

4. Male / 41-50 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
DEPUTY: A misogynist and bigoted police officer that gives The Heavies a difficult time.

5. Female / 18-24 yrs. / Caucasian.
CHEEKS: Cheeks is Nat’s girlfriend. She is blond, bubbly, funny, someone who plays an airhead but eventually reveals she has a brain. Teeny Bopper.

6. Male / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
NAT: Nat is a HEAVY gang member who serves as a major focal point for the film. He is fairly thin, quick with words and somewhat of a pretty boy.

7. Male / 25-30 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.
JOEY CUTS: Leader of THE HEAVIES GANG. Joey is tough, in good shape, commands respect and has unmistakable presence.

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