Football Cheerleader Tryouts

By | November 8, 2010

Cheerleader auditions posted by the Director
Casting notice posted on, casting location: DMV — DC, Maryland & Virginia
The main purpose of our audition is to select the best overall candidates for a dynamic cheer/dance teams for the Minor Football League.

We do not perform pyramids or stunts, but all try-out candidates will be required to perform a dance routine which will be demonstrated by our choreographer.

All candidates will be scored on performance and personal interview. We are looking for individuals that can, at all times, demonstrate proper technical skills, excellent athletic ability, willingness to learn, motivation, growth, contribution, future potential, as well as demonstrate a positive attitude, poise and leadership. Candidates, prospective dancers are expected to be in excellent physical shape and look physically fit based on ones height and weight. Your interview session, performance of the newly learned material and your dance skills will be evaluated by a panel of judges.

All persons selected for the 2011 season’s team are expected to commit for the entire calendar year. Immediately after selection you will begin classes in jazz and ballet. The class is conducted by the Choreographer of the Washington Redskins & Co-Owner CMI Stephanie Jojokian. You will begin learning your choreographed dance routines immediately after selection. All routines are choreographed by Christen Michael his bio may be view on the home page. Calendar shoot is conducted at the end of March each year.

The teams will be composed of 10-13 members and two (2) alternates that are required to perform at all home games and some road games. Team members will also make promotional appearances representing the organization at fundraisers, alumni, political and special athletic events, fashion shows, as well as perform at football games, team competitions, dance camps, parades and much more during the 2011 season.

Send us an email at info@THEMFL.ORG to sign up to be notified of the audition date and time. Also, us at

Casting Location: DMV — DC, Maryland & Virginia