Band Auditions / Tryouts

By | May 23, 2010 auditions / Band Tryouts / is now replacing the actors and band we have all grown tired of, well,  after watching the same stuff for years.

Yep, the freecreditreport guys are being replaced and the company is going to be holding online auditions next month. The auditions for the new band start now and public voting opens up in a few weeks.

Bands that fit the criteria must upload a video of them performing one of the new songs to the website they set up for the auditions of the bands.

The public will be voting for a fave and bands need to get their fan base ready to help them win and secure the cushy spot on a national TV commercial.

There are some rules.
You must have 2 to 5 members in the band
21 and older only
You must use their songs, they have 5 new songs you can download
and… NO lip syncing is allowed.