Los Angeles Open Casting Call


Wazzup in LA – Last open casting call

Casting Latinos – Latinos from High School to Senior Citizens and non-Latinos from High School to mid 30’s.

SYNOPSIS: Wassup en LA? is a hilarious new comedy that brings back good ol’ wholesome family television with a modernized feel. Follow and fall in love with the Diaz Family as they adjust to the fast, fun and funky times of living in the City of Los Angeles.


Last Open Casting in LA!

Sunday November 14, 2010

2:30pm – 2:45pm “Pepe Diaz”
2:45pm – 3:00pm “Rosa Maria Diaz”
3:00pm – 3:10pm “Q the Mailman”
3:10pm – 3:20pm “Olga”
3:20pm – 3:30pm “Figueroa”

3:30pm- 5:00pm “Allen” Friend
5:00pm- 5:45pm “Manolito Diaz” Son
5:45pm – 6:15pm “Judd Speilberg” Friend

6:15pm – 7:00pm “Teresita Diaz” Daughter
7:00pm – 7:30pm “Tawana” Friend
7:30pm – 8:00pm “Reina” Friend

NOTE: This is not a Call Back. Call Backs will be scheduled at a later date.

Dad: PEPE (Mid 40’s – Early 50’s)

Hardworking father who loves his wife and children. Raised by his strong parents, Pepe carries on with old customs and values, yet understands the modern times. He can be stubborn at times, yet soft like a teddy bear. Runs his own business, a bagel-coffee shop called “Papi’s Bagels”. No situation is too big for the leader of the house – the provider for the family – Pepe Miranda Diaz.

Mom: ROSA MARIA (Mid 40’s – Early 50’s)

Loving, nurturing and understanding are the genes that make up this attractive mother/wife from Nicaragua. She was raised with similar values, and always stands by her man – as long as she thinks that he’s right. She is the balance to Pepe when he gets carried away with the kids or his parents. She loves her family dearly and cooks the meals that bring them together.

Brother: MANOLITO (Mid 20’s)

Athletically built, mid-twenties, attractive, aspiring actor. Manolito is more of a free spirit who is lead by the wind at his back. Pursued by his sister’s friends, he is the ladies’ man, but he can’t seem to land the right one. Rebellious yet respectful, hardworking yet lazy. Lead by his hope of being a successful actor one day, while maintaining the family business.

Sister: TERESITA (High School Teen)

A junior in High School. Teresita has a good head on her shoulders. With honor roll grades and a great sense of articulation, she expresses her views and voices her opinion whether at home or at school. She currently holds a position on student counsel and is preparing to go to an Ivy League school, unlike her loser brother; she is going to be the doctor of the family. Don’t let her intelligence fool you she is still a daredevil when it comes to mischief that intrigues her.


Wisdom in a few words, delivered by a very charismatic old-school Cuban man best describes Figueroa. The comic relief that always has double meaning. Figueroa is savvy and very quick in thinking, even though he is always having a heart attack and is going to die any minute. He has high everything – blood pressure, sugar, the works – but he loves what he loves and no one can take that away from him. His biggest love is his biggest pain… Olga. Married 55 years.

Abuela: OLGA (Hip 60)

Extremely old-school, Olga brings her Cuban customs to the family along with her strong Catholic beliefs. She is the comedic backbone of the family. Very opinionated, she is always right. Her love of the family can always be seen in her constant concern over everything that goes on in the house. She has a deep loving, yet fun-filled, relationship with her lifelong partner Figueroa.

Sister’s Friend 1: REINA (High School Teen)

Reina is a slim attractive Latina who loves fashion and makeup. Her only mission in life appears to be a date with Manolito. Flirtation and her (aggressive) approach turn him off, plus the fact that she is younger and Teresita’s friend. If there is a mirror nearby, she is looking in it. Vanity is her best friend. With a good heart, she is still mischievous in her way and often influences Teresita.

Sister’s Friend 2: TAWANA (High School Teen)

Inglewood in the hood – Tawana, a young strong-willed African-American who lives in Inglewood and loves LA, Hip Hop, and chicken and waffles. She is extremely intelligent and has several AP classes with Teresita. Funny and outgoing, Tawana is never afraid to let Teresita know how it really is. Everyone in the family likes her except Abuela who makes it very clear every time she is in her presence.

Brother’s Friend 1: JUDD (Mid 20’s)

White, fairly good looking, young mid-twenties, skinny and tall, is far from the Casanova type; however, is quite the charmer with his intellectual manner and old Jewish customs. He adds diversity to this young group of friends. The fish that is out-of-water, yet somehow always the first in, he is a neutral character.

Brother’s Friend 2: ALLEN (Late 20’s)

Son #2- Poser, in his mid-twenties, has a young entrepreneurial sense and always dresses in labels. Drives a BMW, but is always broke and lives in “West Hollywood” (actually, the west side of North Hollywood). He is the one to instigate when it comes to doing bad things. He is the friend our parents never liked us to hang out with, but we always did because he’s cool.

Mailman: Q (Late 30’s)

Obese, open collar, friendly with a light sense of humor, always has food in his hand while he delivers the mail. He is very comfortable with the family, and often invites himself into their fridge, sits at the table to have a break, or joins in with a piece of advice on whatever the conversation the family is having.

The Artist’s Studio
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Latinos from High School to Senior Citizens and Non-Latinos from High School to mid 30’s.

Please read character description and choose one appropriate role. Email us (use Contact Form) with character name in subject line. Sides will be provided at Casting. PLEASE LIMIT TO ONE ROLE ONLY.