Metropolitan Playhouse Showcase Auditions for Various Plays

New York City Theater Auditions

Metropolitan Playhouse Seasonal Showcase, all available roles are listed below
Equity Principal Auditions.

Theatre presents works that explore American identity through its theatrical heritage.


Uncle Tom’s Cabin by George Aiken after Harriet Beecher Stowe. Dir: Alex Roe. 1st reh: 10/15/10. Runs 11/13-12/12.

The most famous adaptation of Stowe’s abolitionist novel about the conditions and hypocrisies of slavery in America.

Actors in the company play multiple roles, notably:


Uncle Tom:

50+, African American. Powerful and self-sacrificing; devoted to what he sees as a higher good.


50+, Caucasian. Arrogant, merciless slaveholder. Converted by goodness, when it’s too late.


40+, Caucasian. Kindly within his own world, but oblivious to the bigger picture.

George Harris:

30s, African American. Quick-witted, poised, defiant and kind.

Phineas Fletcher:

30s, Caucasian. Fearless, sardonic, independent and open spirit.


Teens – 20s, African American. Animated, optimistic boy.



50s+, African American. Caretaking and long resigned to her fate.


20s-30s, African American. Strong and courageous; devoted to her family and her freedom.


30s, Caucasian. Proper and poised. Generous within the constraints of her circumstance.


Teens – 20s, African American. Incorrigibly defiant, cunning and joyous free spirit.


Teens-20s, Caucasian. Angelic and open girl, full of life.

The Great Divide by William Vaughn Moody. Dir: Melissa Maxwell. 1st reh: 2/1/11. Runs 3/5-4/3.

A lyrical play on the divide between Eastern and Western sensibilities and the true foundations of love.


Stephen Gent:

30s – early 40s. Rough, spirited, dashing and constant.

Phil Jordan:

34. Pragmatic man of the frontier.

Winthrop Newbury:

30s. Civil gentleman with a romantic bent.

Dr. Newbury:


Lon Anderson:

50s. Sardonic miner.

Dutch, Shorty and Burt:

20s-30s. Cowboys.


Ruth Jordan:

20. Determined and intrepid.

Polly Jordan:

20s. Protected and gentle.

Mrs. Jordan:

50s. Mother to Ruth and Paul.

One Third of a Nation Dir TBA. 1st reh: 3/23/11. Runs 4/23–5/22.

Living Newspaper from 1938 about poverty in America.

Five Men and Five Women:

Each plays multiple roles, all ethnicities. Character ages: 20 – 60.

East Village Theater Festival Dirs TBA. 1st reh: 5/6/11. Runs 6/6–6/25.

Six new solo performances and eight new short plays, inspired by the life and lore of the East Village.

Eight Men and Eight Women:

Each plays multiple roles, all ethnicities. Character ages: 20 – 60.


Friday, October 1, 2010 Metropolitan Playhouse

Saturday, October 2, 2010 220 E 4th Street (between Avenues A and B)

10 AM – 6 PM both days. New York City

Lunch from 1:30 – 2:30.

Please prepare two contrasting 1-minute monologues, at least one of which should be either classical or from one of the three plays in the season. Please bring a picture & resume, stapled together.